Prepare, Prophecy


May 8, 2019, 1:16 PM
M Goss

Tell MY children

The dark clouds are forming. I AM PREPARING MY children for battle. Put on the full armor of God, repent and PREPARE for battle! Use your voices in the name of Jesus to overcome. Step forward and I WILL PREPARE and cover you with MY SPIRIT. I WILL PREPARE! Use your voices at all times! SPEAK TRUTH, SEEK TRUTH, LOVE TRUTH !!!

Tell MY children

Tell them why do you doubt? Why do you look to the enemy for answers only I can give? I have said to seek MY face only will you not obey? Seek MY face seek MY will. I will prepare, I will deliver, I will establish MY Throne on Earth as it is in heaven, the battle is already won MY kingdom will come! MY WILL, WILL BE DONE! SEEK TRUTH, SPEAK TRUTH, LOVE TRUTH!!!

Also, I just wanted to add that the father had me start praying yesterday for an increase in “FAITH” for HIS children …so I pray for all of you to have an INCREASE IN FAITH in JESUS’S NAME ….to God be ALL the GLORY ALL the HONOR ALL the PRAISE forever and ever amen!!!

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