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Prepare for what is coming upon the earth – Kenneth Peters / jeffjacobs1990

Prepare for what is coming upon the earth

October 31, 2021
Kenneth Peters

January 2021 Talk with the Lord

Remember the restrainer is among you restraining. Persecution will come, even now subtly through restrictions and laws…However much more will take place before My arrival. It will be as though in your land two forms of rule exists many obedient ones shall find escape and haven. Those who refuse to come out will succumb to the rule at hand. Even now My voice is being spurned and ignored by those who love this present world.

As Lot’s wife was unable to break free from the entanglements of Sodom so shall multitudes be in your time. Many will be incarcerated and attempts will be made to reprogram their souls. The evil one will not be resisted by many and the great falling from My grace will occur. I am sounding the alarm yet few are responding, hearts have grown cold and hard. Many ignore the Holy Scriptures which is the power to save. Many have created their own ways and have fallen prey to deception and the evil one.
Be vigilant and watchful in this present hour! Flee yourselves from the trappings of the evil one.
Be content with Me and My provision. Refrain from all you hear that is not of Me! Continue to watch from the wall and pray only what I reveal to you. Concern yourself not with all the babbling and contentions of soulish men. I have given many time to repent of their ways, there shall be no excuse for their great fall!

Tell My people now is the hour, stop living as the people of Noah’s day, the Ark is nearly complete, tell them to be sober minded and prepare for what is coming upon the earth.

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