America, Prophecy, War

“Prepare for war. War is coming to your shores” – Alison Pound

By Alison Pound

AUGUST 4, 2017

As I spent time before Him a couple of mornings back, the Father began speaking to me regarding what is going on in America. I have written this as it was given to me.
“Hear me now My people. I am waiting for you to stop, and to hear Me. For you are busy tracking the actions and workings of a government that is not mine. They are serving another god. Therefore they are a distraction.
All this time has been given to you that you may speak to the lost, bring in the needy, feed them and clothe them with all that they require spiritually and physically.
Prepare. Prepare for war. War is coming to your shores My people. This is what your government is about.
There is delusion amongst you, strong delusion. Remember that it grows ever darker in your nation because they have turned their back on Me. That has not changed.
You are a remnant that must shine a light for the lost to find their way. Instead, you have become caught up in the lies and deceptions of those in the White House and yes, even those Christians advising the White House. They too are deceived. They have believed a lie. Power and dominion belong to Me.
At the end, I will restore all things but first all these things on the earth must pass away. They must be destroyed My children.
I have told you that in the last days, war is coming. The elite want it. They have done nothing else but work on this for a long time. Your President wants it. He is here to fulfill prophecy. Pray that he will see the error of his ways and come to Me, humbled and repentant before he meets his end.
Do you not see? Do you not know? I am the Lord your God, the Almighty One, ruler of heaven and earth. I am coming soon. All these things must take place before I return in My Glory for all eyes to see.
There is no more time for America. There is no more time for her to become great. Her destiny is to be destroyed.
There is one thing that will save the people, just one. Repentance. It will not save the land, but if the people will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven. I would have healed their land, but they did not come. As a nation, they did not come. Now I must act. I knew of course the people would not come. I know Babylon. And it is time to finish the story. I have set My heart like stone. For a new heaven and a new earth is coming My children. It must be so.”

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