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Prepare For War – Steve Holmes

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Prepare For War

October 6, 2023 6:47 PM
Steve Holmes

Oct 3, 2023

I just asked the Lord, “Why all of the lawsuits and persecution of Donald Trump?”

He answered: “It is an attack directly from Satan. I raised up Trump to put a stop to the corruption in America and it is my desire to continue to use him for that purpose. He has fought long and hard, and my people need to pray, intercede and do battle in the spirit in prayer like my prophets of old, such as Daniel when he stood against the demon that was the chief prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13-21). Your nation is being weighed in a balance that has complete destruction on one side. That is not my will for countless misguided and lost souls to be lost into eternal damnation over the falsehoods of politics in your land. I value each and every soul beyond measure and Satan hates them all. Your nation should be calling for a national fast with repentance, prayer and intercession. At this point, Trump cannot accomplish my will without it. My church, arise from your slumber! Shake off your sleep and go to battle for MY will to be done in the USA, because the alternative outcome is horrible beyond your comprehension.

Trump’s salvation status is not the issue at hand in this matter. He is a brave and noble warrior without peer who needs your prayerful support DAILY. Fight as though countless souls depend upon driving back the darkness, as that is the case. If the enemy is allowed to win this battle, the carcass of your nation will be picked clean by those who are the vultures from hell.

Prepare for war, chaos and calamity, and know that your prayers will help to mitigate the losses. I will hear and answer them.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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