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Prepare For War – Steve Holmes

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Prepare For War

Half who read wont believe or receive

November 7, 2023 4:26 PM
Steve Holmes

Nov 7, 2023

“Troop deployments. Israel and Iran. Nuclear weapons involved. Unexpected. Many thousands of innocent souls killed. My anger and grief beyond your understanding, but real.

Prepare for war. Arrogance, egos, pride, the devil. Understanding, love and compassion missing, eschewed. Hatred exalted. Hardened hearts. Love of darkness, hatred and death. Mercy despised. World panic, crisis. Supply chain disruptions. Merciless slaughter. Accusation fly. Peace scorned. Revenge worshipped. Disgrace. People terrified. All will stand before me in judgment. Cleanse your hearts. Violent insurrection. Social disorder. Blessed are the peacemakers who bear good tidings from me. Woe unto the war mongers, lovers of genocide and power. West under judgment. Intelligence failures. Blind leading blind. Horrors unimaginable. Death and destruction. Malevolence of unequalled scale. Satan and his devises sought for security: like handling lit dynamite. Malignant, hateful, selfish passion for victory over souls of men. Intensely evil, exalted men love grovelers. My heart is broken, my soul weeps. Evil, unrepentant men exalt themselves above me, sovereign God, creater of men, hearts infected like satan. Warnings are over, unheeded. Deadly, defiling, pointless ‘pissing contest’ over immoral ‘moral superiority.’ Unamused, unimpressed and disgusted. Stop exalting false, heretical government leaders who steal and usurp me and what is mine. Remember King Saul. Stop and repent.

“This day is turning point. Harvest begins. Be prepared or left behind. Whole world lies in the lap of the wicked one. Adulterous madness among haughty nations. Babylon the Great has fallen. Full of demons. Redemption repeatedly rejected. No more chances. Babylon is a depraved whore to the ends of the earth. Unworthy to be called by my name. Disassociate.

“Endure until the end. Magnificent escape for those found worthy. My eyes search the whole earth for the one that was lost. Search your friends, family and associates and bring them into my sheepfold. Forgive sins and tresspasses and I will forgive yours. Encourage one another daily- greatest shaking begins. Empowered manchild. Glorify me with my power. Submit to me and listen for my whispers. Do not doubt. I control the final outcome.

“Men are wicked and out of control without my son. Remember the flood. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember my judgments. Remember your faith and my love, tender mercies. Wear your armor. Soldiers of the cross are victorious. Death becomes eternal life for the weary, victorious obedient of mine. Death into hell for the disruptive who despise my sovereign authority. Be patient. Terrible trials. Hope in me. Jesus reigns in heaven and will upon the earth- for it is all mine and I treasure him and those who are mine byhis blood. Be holy as I am. You can by choice, Saith Yahweh. Be content with whatsoever state you find yourselves in. The end has come. Nihilism is disdain for me and my kingdom. Fake faith is stumbling block. Real faith can move mountains and raise the dead, even the spiritually dead. Did I not raise you?

“Believe in me, abide in me, for I am your God who made you, redeemed you, perfects you, and loves you forever, says your King. Come my bride, darkness approaches. Wedding bells. Wedding garments. White as snow from crimson flow, holy, blood washed, consecrated unto me. Neglect not preparations and celebrate together: marriage supper of the lamb has come. Overcomers all invited. Cutoff date approaches. Are you ready? Judge yourself. Greatest is love with faith and hope. Endure until the end- it’s worth it. I am worth it and worthy of your obedience. I love you beyond measure. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your savior, strength and bridegroom. Sing hallelujahs, rejoice, sing praises, exalt me, love and prefer one another: greatest in my kingdom is servant of all.

“Persecution comes. Fear not death nor pain nor suffering. I am with you always, forever. Amen. Peace be with you from me in your hearts. The exalted, high and holy one who holds you under my wings, safe for eternity. Flesh is temporary. Dont lose your soul trying to save your skin or your egotistical pride: you will be fine without it in my eternal kingdom I created for you, for us, together. My brethren, my children, my loves. Pray for one another daily. Be proactive in faith with works. Don’t wait in unbelief: shake your dead faith to life with works and I will bless and empower. I am your standard and your reward, my people. Abide in me always. Your living God, who loves you. Remember Calvary remember resurrection. Jesus. I AM. Yahweh. REJOICE! Again I say REJOICE! BEHOLD! YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR AND I HAVE OVERCOME DEATH, HELL AND THE GRAVE, AND DEFEATED THE ENEMY! Stay focused on me, not the darkness, saith the Lord of all.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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