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Prepare For War – Joshua Viera

Prepare For War – Joshua Viera

Dear Children,

I have longed for this time with you. The time I stand at the door waiting to come in. I hear all the calls from my children. I Am the all seeing there is nothing I do not see or hear. I know all things. I am ready to enter the church and pull my bride out.

My timing is perfect and is already set in motion. You will need to spend your time on your knees praying for the lost. You must do everything you can to fight for my kingdom.

Your faithfulness will do mighty works in the spiritual battle that has been going on for sometime.

Be bold and courageous and leave your flesh behind. Prepare to give your life to my kingdom. Prepare to battle physically against the enemy. Keep my word and know I Am King, I Am Lord, I Am Jehovah. You have my spirit confide in me reside in me. Take my blessings and prepare for war.


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