Prepare for the time of THE BEAST – Barbara Francis

Prepare for the time of THE BEAST

Dec 17, 2019
Barbara Francis

Speak about the TRUTH, the TRUTH has come into the world. Where there is TRUTH there is freedom. Yet many have lost their way and follow the LIE and the LIAR. the accuser,the devil the adversary. I have told you the truth and you have rejectected it and me. Now the end of all things is upon you. I have told you there is only one way to the Father. My Messengers and prophets have warned you, given you instruction and revealed my TRUTH to you.and still you do not understand. I have given myself as the perfect sacrifice for sin so you may hear the TRUTH and have life, life abundantly, l AM the only way to ETERNAL LIFE. Now the Adversary seeks to silence the TRUTH,. to remove the TRUTH and my WORDS. Soon those speaking the truth will be killed for my name sake and for their testimony of me. I AM THE TRUTH. Repent now . Take heed let no man deceive you. Soon you will see the abomination of desolation as spoken of by Daniel the Prophet. The False Messiah will be accepted. I tell you the TRUTH. Prepare for the time of THE BEAST.

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