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Prepare for the end has come – Cassandra B

Prepare for the end has come

September 29, 2020 5:00 PM
Cassandra B

These messages are a combination In accordance with the first message as well. These words have also been received within the last two days as I have been asking the Lord many questions concerning certain things in prayer and fasting.

I heard this in the spirit while listening to a pastor talk about a great rivival at the prayer meeting event for the White House. I questioned it and asked the Lord and this is what he spoke in my spirit directed towards this man and all who are like him with a deceiving spirit God sees their heart and motives.

Your words despair me. Your hearts are black as coal. I have seen the development entangle my beloveds how they willfully gave up their inheritance for their abominable entertainment. You stiff necked adultourous generation of children confined to the serpent. You have waited and waited and wished and wished that this day would not come in vain. Woe to you for the time has reached the end. I have abubpted your pleasures and soon I will do away with them once and for all. I have seen the way you despise my goodness. Speak against my righteousness, acting as your own God teaching your children a false Gospel to justify your own perversions. I am coming to wreck havoc on your land. Your cries amount to nothing because in the days when I was kind to you, you abandoned me to go and join the affairs of this wicked world. You never sacrificed a grain offering to me in love but for the desires of your own heart you sacrificed everything I have given you for your fleshly lust. Your flesh and every last bit of you will perish, oh how the wicked will perish quickly weep mourn and wail for that day has come. Heaps of ashes and heaps of ruins will be in every corner of the earth. Prepare for the end has come.

After praying for the Lord to make sense to me of an asteroid or comet sent to hit the earth I asked the Lord how does this play into everything and the timing of things, the Lord revealed to me that Satan has plans to detonate the entire earth by nuclear war and God is sending an object (asteroid or comet) to impact the earth to do away with those plans as this objects impact will wipe out the power grid I suppose hindering the enemies plans (please pray for the Lord to speak to you about these things). He also revealed to me we are in the time of Satans wrath and his great fury is upon us for his time is short. The battle is not our own but is Gods. Satan in manipulating and lying to world leaders in power to urge them into a nuclear war that will destroy the entire earth and at the same time seeking to inject us with a lethal potion and buy into his false deception of surviving the things that are coming upon the earth by receiving the mark of the beast and opting into transhumanism by choice. ‘They’ will reveal high technology hidden from the public’s eyes once these disasters began to impact earth and will lie to people to receive these transhuman things in order to ‘live’. Perhaps the one to offer it will be the false Savior Antichrist and alien deception coming to save the planet. Which is all a lie they come to steal your soul for their time is short.

‘Unless those days be shortened no flesh would survive.’

God is only asking us to accept him as our Lord and Savior so he can be our savior in these final days he will super naturally gather his elect from the four corners of the earth before unleashing his wrath and fury upon the wicked and unrepentant world. We are in the final moments of his grace. He will pour out his spirit one last time in the time of devastation that is about to come in great measure. I have no idea how soon this asteroid will come (the object he has shown me headed towards earth) I believe it will come in the midst of war beginning I believe it is soon. He has told me over and over revealing more and more over time about him disrupting the plans of the enemy with natural disasters and I’ve seen devastating earthquakes California on fire, California literally crumbling apart and falling into the ocean, Idaho grounds cracking open with lava and the hills of Montana on fire. I’ve seen an asteroid hit near Mexico and South America in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve seen bombings on American soil that I believe will be used as one great distraction from real disasters heading our way that ‘they’ would never tell us about. I believe we will be here to witness some of this destruction and chaos but soon the Lord will come and rescue his people and he is with us no matter what until the end. God is faithful. We must pray for discernment in these last days. Deception runs rampant as man has been lied to and manipulated for generation upon generation. Jesus is the only way truth and the life we must empty ourselves pick up our cross and follow him and he will lead us to all truth.

I see the enemy planning an attack on American soil before this asteroid impact takes place (I do not know all of the details as we can only see in part please pray and the Lord will lead us each to our own understanding and common ground of things to come) but all of the puzzle pieces are set in place to cause the mass chaos and when destruction comes so much confusion as the people will not know whether it was from an enemy attack or what is going on. We are living in the days of great deception.

Satan wants people fighting against one another as his wrath is fully pledged to wipe out all the inhabitants of the earth falsely convincing the elite leaders of this earth false promises that will lead to their eternal demise and all whom follow after them. Hence why we are on the brink of a civil war this is all Satans doing as we can see clearly with our spiritual eyes. His time is short. Gods word will not be void.

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