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Prepare for the ECONOMIC WOE! – Erik Espinoza

Prepare for the ECONOMIC WOE!
Apr 29, 2019, 8:32 PM
Erik Espinoza


Jeremiah 14 4-6

“ Because the ground is cracked , for there has been no rain on the land ; The farmers have been put to shame , They have covered their heads . For even the doe in the field has given birth only to abandon her young, because there is no grass. The wild donkey stand on the bare heights ; they pant for air like jackals their eyes fail for there is no vegetation .

Revelation 7:3
“ Do no harm the earth or the sea or the trees until we have sealed the bond-servants of our god on their foreheads” .

Transcript :
Just before falling asleep the lord awoken me “ to get up and start writing this was around 1:48 am last night pacific standard time .

Son of Man , Speak my word unto my deaf and sleeping children. Prepare for the ECONOMIC WOE that is surely upon you! Many of my prophets & watchmen have been ringing up the alarm of preparation , to store up all your sufficient needs , for this woe that is upon you. Why do you still sleep my children ? Why do you go about your day like all is well ? That nothing is upon us yet. “ They been saying that for years now , we still have many years yet to come “ what I tell you in the darkness speak in the light . For I have truly spoken , and this financial collapse will come to pass , in an hour that no one is expecting! It is time to bring judgements upon this wicked land , who calls itself the land of the free ! I will bring about my end time judgements upon this land before my wrath on mankind . The world has not seen anything like this , and soon my end time army will rise up and make its appearance on mankind ! Gathering my harvest unto me ! Unstoppable will they be from all the 4 winds of the earth will they be sealed , and gathered unto me for their preparation , and end time assignments that will be given to them , according to there capability . Special soldiers of mine that I have been training and preparing in their alone time with me , seeking me in humility , and being obedient to me. Rejoice oh my people! Your king is soon to arrive ! Take special heed to this message given unto thee , from my obedient servant .

Yours truly ,



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