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Victoria Ang

Throughout the day I keep seeing a vision with the word.. “ PREPARE”!!  And have heard the Lord say several times today… “ FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS”! ( He is referring to all the training preparation he has taken me through ) !!
Let us continue to stay in prayer!
Our faith and trust is only in the Lord!!

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  1. Marc Naples

    Sister in Christ, is it possible the Lord Jesus is simply saying prepare daughter…yourself with some extra item’s for others, like food…….
    Dry rice and beans are still cheap.
    Are you no longer going to eat?
    Don’t assume that it’s ((what)) he’s already said before, why just repeating the exact same idea or statement…
    Does he do that in a regular basis??
    What I mean is are you expecting to quickly and easily leave the earthly realm…?
    Might have to prepare for the worst case scenario.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

  2. Robert E

    Thank you Victoria.
    Marc and others:
    We all have prepare spiritually by spending time with the Lord in our prayer closet. The Lord has called many times and I believe in His Love for us He will continue to call us to prepare up to the point where the time of preparation has ended.

    Regarding physical preparation, the Lord shared me that there are various callings of how He wants each of us to prepare. He gave me instructions and told me not to share them because those instructions were for me. Everyone needs to seek Him to find out what their instructions are. Examples are – some are to store provision that He will multiply when they share them with others, similar to what the Lord did when He fed the multitudes. Others are not to store at all and rely fully on the Lord for their provisions, the way He provided manna for the Israelites in the desert.

    We are all in a journey with Him and need to seek Him for the path each of us are to take.

    Blessings to you all.

  3. Sara

    Thank you so much for sharing, Sister. “Prepare, MY Remnant” It’s so very important to seek HIS will.
    We must prepare in any way HOLY SPIRIT directs us while there is still time to do so. If HOLY SPIRIT directs you, our merciful FATHER will provide the means to complete what was instructed. Spiritual houses and physical houses.
    Brother Robert, HE has also given me a very specific list of things to gather that I am not being led to share.
    HIS plan is perfect, HE knows all and controls all.
    Have faith, NO fear, Brothers and Sisters ❤

  4. Marc Naples

    Robert, and Sara….Yes to all you both have said….it’s so true.
    Prepare for others…is my calling.
    Prepare in all my WAYS, is my calling.
    I’ve been preparing since 2012, physically and in attitude/abilities a lot longer time….as a Christian.
    I’ve not be told to hide my preparing, from the Christian people in any way but express it, yell it out….
    Why ????
    Because few talk about WHAT to prepare for…during the collapse coming…to resist evil human beings.
    Holy Spirit conviction to mention this even the “controversial” part/statements is my calling for a select few who are lead…to respond.
    Prepare 1st spiritual discipline in our prayers each day, thruout like Daniel.
    Then with that connection to God, openly maintained …then safely prepare yourself to defend the innocent people who are resisting evil human beings, (not taking the mark), in ALL our ways…weapons.
    Yes like David who was enabled by God to help others…with weapons.
    How by killing not murdering evil, only after the rule of law, it’s enforcement is gone in America, we Christian people will become the targets, along with those resisting by not receiving the mark, even some who seem not Christian, anti-social, isolated people, survivalist type’s, bikers gang’s, Amish farmer’s, so on.
    So the example of David who was physically God enabled…started with goliath. And over his lifetime over 20,000 by himself were killed, wasn’t he the Apple of God’s eye’s??? still covered in human blood, but wait, they were all evil men, (except for one, his own military officer).
    That one was murdered for sex.
    Those with the mark of the beast, remember can’t repent, but are reprobate human beings, full of hate against children and the elderly especially the weak one’s…
    Why use such an example of God’s protection, during disasters of WOES and birth pains etc being done by our resistance?
    Because God expects us to help in these end times unfolding, each Christian calling is…a different part of Christ’s body, all are called to act in our abilities…God’s given.
    Only 3% will answer this call…I’m told by Holy Spirit knowledge.
    Most won’t be able to….that’s fine.
    Most will march to their death…sad.
    Most will stand by unable to stop a rape gang that’s happening, even of their own daughter, I understand their martyrs for Christ.
    But in places of refuge, there’s a rescue allowed by God…to happen, some are called to physically fight back….against evil human beings.
    like I said this is not a general calling, scripture about our not resisting by physical weapons….is from the perspective of the early church apostles who like Christ layed their lives down, in love..
    We’re talking about the end of the church age…now and resistance to evil human beings, that the father allows us to help (lost), bring in the final harvest…giving some a chance to repent, and not just be murdered cruelly by the beasts system.
    But out of love from the father, for individuals who were worldly/lost being found for Christ at the last minute…Amen

  5. Belle

    Sister Victoria’s word has been confirmed! contains words similar to Victoria’s own!
    Blessings to all at 444 Prophecy News.

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