“PREPARE destruction is coming” – Barbara Francis

Barbara Francis

August 11, 2018

Daughter speak this urgent message to your brothers and sisters. You are my beloved children. You will be protected. Many speak of my wrath and the judgement that is coming. They read my word and give their own worldly interpretation. Only those having the indwelling of my HOLY SPIRIT have understanding of my WORD. The others are leading many away from the truth.. I give MY words of knowledge and wisdom of revelation to those who belong to me. No one can comprehend what is coming to your planet earth. The nations leaders are blind and deaf to MY ways They will be used by me to complete my eternal plan. You have been given instruction and I Have placed Messengers and prophets worldwide to help you. My angels now dwell among you.You see my heavenly signs are now visible to every eye with your technology. Soon those who remain will see another sign with your technology. MY two witness my two lamp stands revealed for all to see. RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUDGEMENT. PREPARE destruction is coming.


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