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prepare, bad times ahead – Lady Aribeth

prepare, bad times ahead

Dec 17, 2019 6:57 AM
Lady Aribeth


Short and sweet, this is to the native people here in my town and to the natives in the us. “prepare, bad times ahead’. Get into your sweat lodges and seek out G_d, whom you call the Creator and the Holy Spirit, who you call the Great Spirit about this. Also get in words ‘the elders know‘?

Then there is next a remembrance of the baby rat that was on my bed, by my feet last night. It took off in a big hurry when I moved my feet in the sleeping bag. Why I am reme,bering this I don’t know. But as I laid in bed this morning, not wanting to get up cos it was relly cosy in bed, the words kept repeating. Go tell my people, the repeatedly hearing...’prepare, bad times ahead. Seek Me out!’

Ok, please discern via the Holy Spirit. Just a sleepy messenger this morning. time 7:53 am.
Dec 17, 2019

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  1. Frank

    Just my personal discernment the “elders know” means our leaders who have sold us out they know what’s coming down the pipe.

    The rat running from your feet represents the once again the leaders who are going to be running away like a bunch of rats they are for selling us out when Jesus’s feet touchdown on the mountain just like it said he will crush the devil under his feet the rat represents devils.

    Someone with eyes to see who has spent the last seven years studying the enemy and how they operate I learned that the word rats backwards in the Freemason / Illuminati /enemies vocabulary mean Stars as in angels as in for us the Fallen Angels so whenever they’re talking about rats that’s who they’re talking about in movies and music songs poems etc etc you get the idea.

    God bless

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