Warning, Storm

Prepare a Storm is Coming – God’s Handmaiden [Sister Mary]

Prepare a Storm is Coming

God’s Handmaiden [Sister Mary]


Date Received: July 6th, 2019

Mary heard “Arizona” in her spirit before receiving this word and very sick to her stomach for what is coming.

Prepare a Storm is Coming

“You have so warned about the upcoming storms and people have gone about their business, hearing the messages of warning but not heeding. Danger lies ahead My children, great and grave danger. By My hand of justice, it will sweep swiftly across your nation America. You shall not stand under the power of My mighty hand, (underneath My might). It is a fight for the sinner’s right to enter into My Kingdom. It is a last plight and endeavour to shake the earth using quakes that will be of great magnitudes to change the attitudes of some of My children who have been given unto Me by My Father. Must and shall come to full repentance before the death sentence.

“Prepare now with items needed. Warnings not heeded will leave you pleading for help. Where will you turn when everything is burning around you? Who will you trust in the midst of chaos? People are not prepared to share, but share, My children, you must. While so many have the lust of this world embedded deep in their hearts, you must be smart and wiser to prepare. A storm is coming to your land by My mighty hand. All that are in Me will stand.

“Do not fear death, I come to receive many. those ready and not ready will see Me at their death. Death comes among the destruction. You My children are not to fear because you know I AM near. I AM holding you. I know all things.

“Prepare My children for the storms, for there will be many, one after another until all is done. My will is that people would repent and turn back to Me. You see now the time is at hand, for this judgment comes across your lands. Prepare daily, My children, for you won’t know about the activity or shaking until it is upon you. People in the coastlines, be weary. You are not spared. No-one is spared of the danger. Life is but a vapour. Enjoy your days remaining of power to communicate and having electricity and running water. A day is soon to come when many will have none.

“Think yourself blessed that I have put you through any test. It is so you may enter holy into My eternal rest. It grieves Me that knowing the hour which you are in, many of you continue as if this is not the end. Civilization as you know it will change in an instant. Your economy cannot sustain all that will be needed in repairs. It is state of emergency for your souls. Many of you making your beds in Sheol. Turn back to Me, My lukewarm children, turn back to Me, your First Love, as it was in the beginning. Turn back to Me ONCE AND FOR ALL TIMES SAKE, the quakes will continue.

After this, Mary heard the Holy Spirit Again:

“My children, I know some of you do not understand why I have to do this now. Somehow, you will see all will happen for My Glory. I AM the King, the Mighty Shepherd. I will lead thee beside the waters. You shall fear no evil, I will keep you in My rest. Peace unto your weary hearts. Peace be still My dear ones. Continue to labour, your work here on earth is almost over.

Love your Eternal Saviour,



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