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September 5, 2019
Carla Smith


September 4, 2019

My daughter write these Words,

The chastisement of My children is to make them ready for what is to come … Many will be caught off guard, but not my chosen remnant … The are the battle worn and made ready for My work to be done … They take what I have taught them and walk according to My instructions … The do not turn to the left or right, but follow Me only … These I have allowed to be purged time and time again so that they train their spirit to walk according to My Word and follow My Holy Spirit … Man can not persuade them to walk in the flesh … They have been trained by My hand and follow My voice.

Can man know the plans I have laid out except they know My Word? … They make their own plans, but those plans will fail.

I call to the nations who refuse to hear My voice, BUT they will know My hand of judgment … The plans they have made against My Chosen (Israel) to divide and then conquer will ultimately FAIL and they will be brought to nothing, destroyed by their own evil.

Many changes are on the horizon, surprising changes that will be hard to believe … These changes will come to fruition nonetheless … My hand will direct these changes and will astonish the ones who think they are controlling the nations … Who are they to stand against ME!! … I will accomplish all that’s written in My Word! … Who is man to fight ME! … Man will tremble at MY WORD!

Stand strong My people, allow Me to finish the work I started in your lives … Humble yourselves in My Presence and stay in My Holy Word fore I Am your Strength and Shield! … In the times coming forth, you will need strength that comes from walking in My Holy Spirit … Stay in My Holy Word, seek Me in prayer, humble yourselves and wait upon Me to lead you … I go before you in battle.

Thank You Lord for this Word, I love you!

Psalm 94:12-15, all of chapter 121 Proverbs 3:11-12 Hebrews 12:6

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