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Precision strategy against the USA – Caroline Diadem


Precision strategy against the USA

November 14, 2021
Caroline Diadem


Auto Generated Transcript

hi guys caroline here again um
i actually i forgot to do one thing in
my last video which i do will do now so
i don’t forget
if you want to write to me or email me
this is my email
email details okay carolinejennyren
gmail.com okay sorry i forgot to put
mention that in my last video actually
so anyway i’ve got
more words to share okay from the from
the holy spirit so i’m going to share
straight with you okay i’m just going to
jump in here
this was on the 4th of november 2021 i
had a an early morning dream
so in this dream i saw france
and i saw um an old fashioned
gas mask i saw a person wearing this
old-fashioned gas mask
and it was green in color the gas mask
and i knew it was toxic
um so what i believe the lord was
telling me through this dream
is that there is going to be um
and there’s going to be a chemical
a chemical attack in france
and i believe the um
the color green is representative of the
toxic gas that’s going to be released
and it’s toxic okay so that’s what i
believe that the lord was showing me
i also want to mention in regards to
that actually
that twice now i’ve got cyber attack
twice i’ve heard the lord tell me cyber
attacks so i’m just going to
just say that as well
now i got this other important um
important word from the lord on the 6th
of november
is giving some insight here again into
some of the events that is going to
happen i believe
so um
mainly about putin actually but i want
to read this first as well so firstly
tonight i kept hearing fauci i kept
hearing fauci’s name and i kept hearing
rand paul
and i was praying that rand paul would
have all the sufficient evidence to
condemn fauci
and i felt that it will be god’s
judgment against him i believe fouchy’s
to fall and i believe there’s going to
be strong evidence against him to judge
him and it will be god’s judgment
against him
and i felt that the elite would be shook
by it
because he will be used as a fall guy by
satan and he will be ousted by him
because satan has no loyalty to anybody
he will use people and then he will
discard them like rubbish that’s the way
he deals with people his people
then i see putin okay so this is what i
was getting
so i see putin i see his eyes like
orange in color like an eagle
and he’s very focused and very
determined and i think that’s what the
eyes were representing and he’s very
i hear the lord say he is commander in
chief and he is going to take down
he has got his focus strategies and
plans in place and i hear the word
pidgin which is like his messaging code
he is setting up the airport strategy
for communication hubs this is what i
i hear military intelligence
that is happening as well
so he’s going to be using terminal
airport airport terminals as his hubs
for his plans
and i saw a large innovation i was
seeing a vision and i saw a large
american city airport with a huge
um hangar
um and it was this one was like a very
large dome shaped hanger
and it was white and it looked like it
was made of cement or some hard material
i’m not sure exactly what it was made of
but it was white
and he was you it was being used as a
it was okay um
i also after this i also heard
charles de gaulle
which is an airport in france it’s one
of frank
french france’s main airports
which i think maybe he is going to use
this is prophetic but i am seeing in the
spirit what is happening right
i see terminals airport terminals in
like it is going through dusk
so i sense it is probably shutting down
this particular airport terminal
so that is what i am sensing so i don’t
know if it was just that airport
terminal or if other airport terminals
are going to be shutting down but i saw
all dimming
and i i felt that represented that
they’re shutting down okay
or this particular one was shutting down
so i was also seeing
helicopters hidden
and a small plane
and i saw them hidden in the bushes of
this terminal
so yes putin is very determined i kept
seeing putin in my
in my visions in my yeah i was seeing
putin i was awake but the anointing was
on me it was in the middle of the night
i was awake and i started to get this
i was just seeing
kind of visuals you know of this right
so i saw putin’s face he’s very
determined he’s using precision
he is giving precise directions and you
better not mess with him you cannot mess
with this man like he will have your
head taken off if you mess with him
everything is by precision
his plans are strategic he’s not want to
be messed with right now
he’s very serious
real serious about these plans and god
is allowing it god is allowing this
i am hearing war of the world’s takeover
dimming dimming
it’s like the world is dimming down
it’s a takeover i’m hearing rothschild
i’m hearing rothschild
i’m hearing labor camps
i also hear putin saying
toe the line
and i was seeing the shipping lanes have
he has changed the course
the direction of the shipping lanes
that’s what i was hearing okay that’s
what i was hearing and from the from the
i’m seeing putin again serious
determined and i see him now as a hunter
and i just feel the lord is emphasizing
his skill as a hunter maybe it’s the way
he sees things or something
and then i’m getting the word
peel back
like peeling back like some kind of
exposure that putin does or something
chain of command i’m hearing the word
chain of command
strategic very strategic
a man of precision putin is exceedingly
precise and is exceedingly efficient
he is not a man to be tampered with
everyone working under him robotically
works under him
it’s like that’s how he manages people
he has a chain of command i get the word
he has strong ideals
so i’m sensing right now from the lord
he has got strong ingrained ideals that
this man does not move away from
he is not a man that can be easily
swayed he’s not a malleable man he is
very staunch man strategic and military
he has weaponized ships
but he knows about communication he
knows how
about strategic communication
i know that he has a plan to take down
the american communication system that
is the first thing he is going to do
so the lord is showing me that what he
is going to do he is going to take out
the community communication systems
he knows how important that is and he is
setting up his own communications
within the airport terminals
that he’s going to connect through
different countries
so he has his strategy
this he has his take over strategy for
he knows where he’s going to put
and place his communication bases
this is vitally important
god is highlighting this to me
as i’m typing this message out
it’s vitally important
i am hearing the words generals right
now and these are fearful guys i’m
these generals of his are fearful guys
i’m seeing two men i think they are two
of these military leaders
i just see them
these are obviously ones he’s going to
use to execute his plans
i hear the word stealth
and the word tight rain
so we hold a very tight rain with these
and i got something else
towards the end of this putin will take
out an oil rig as a distraction strategy
i believe it’s going to be an american
oil rig
i hear ground zero
i hear pulmonary
which means heart
he will take out new york the heart of
the nation danger danger danger get out
so that was the word that i got
i want to mention to you also
that with regarding new york city i was
praying um one time
with my husband
and as i was praying
i got this massive
burden from the lord about new york city
i was really weeping with this
tremendous burden from the lord
and i saw ground zero
and i knew it came under a nuclear
and i knew the city was being wiped out
and it was like
such a tremendous shock
even as i was interceding and receiving
as i was praying and interceding with
this burden it was a tremendous shock to
to to see what was happening to new york
so i didn’t really ever share that i i i
have another video please have a look at
it that new york gets taken out first um
i will reference it maybe underneath
this video so you can read it it’s
you can look at it
so it’s a word from the lord about new
york city
yes so yeah that that burden that i got
that time and i saw ground zero very
clearly and i knew there was a massive
nuclear attack it was strategically
being attacked
new york city so that’s come from
another confirmation of it
so folks and that’s the word i received
and please yeah pray about it and um
you know just see if the lord says any
anything else to you about it
we’re in kind of very
significant times at the moment we
should we all need to stick real close
to the lord and be listening to him
so god bless you i’ll come again when i
receive another word from the lord god
bless bye


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