Prayer Request

Prayer Request: over age 16 years of age, discretion advised – Handmaid of the Most High / congerdesign

Prayer Request

over age 16 years of age, discretion advised

October 26, 2021 7:30 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

Please pray for me, this time of year is always very challenging having watched two of my infants sacrificed to satan along with being present when my bestfriend and I were punished for having attempted to leave the occult in 1984, she lost her life that night. Satan’s friends are typically very active and present in my life this time of year to make sure these events and the memories of witnessing of many other murders are not far from my mind.

While finishing a prophecy that has not yet been posted, my computer was crashed more than a week ago and I was completely locked out of my computer, now having finally gotten partial access, I continue to battle with evil entities and the cyber stalkers that create much havoc. Please pray that all functions will be restored and no more interference on any of my electronics (phone issues are also a target).

Will the faithful prayer warriors keep these situations in mind as well as the words that the Lord has been speaking to me?

Also please keep the precious children, those who have been deceived to believe that Halloween is fun and a time of merry mischief, but for those who will be abused sexually during the rituals and those who will die on satan’s favorite night of the year it is a night of horror. Please pray for all survivors, who experienced these attacks on their minds and body on this day as it is very challenging for all survivors particularly those females who also witnessed their children murdered to appease satan, all those who witnessed these atrocities year after year.

Also, please pray for the “Christian” churches, who host Halloween celebrations. The Lord is sorely displeased with their actions! Instead of being the light of the world, they are walking and talking as the world does. They will be required to give an answer.

Blessing to all my siblings in the Lord,

Handmaid of the Most High

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