Prayer Request

Prayer Request – John Shorey

Prayer Request

John Shorey


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  1. S.S

    My advice is that you need introspect yourself and find hidden sins in your life. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal you and then repent. Do this and ask Spirit to overcome sins.

    When you will repent, you will be healed.

  2. km

    Amanda at YummyMummy Emporium can help you.. She is an expert at holistic medicine and protocols… She has healed thousands of people over the years…. Do this quickly before she gets shut down…

  3. PrayerWarrior

    I plead the Blood of Jesus over John Shorey for complete healing and restoration From Diabetes. I pray he become a witness to the Ressurection glory god has promised his people.

  4. Yo

    I am praying for you right now!
    Trust and STAND do not back down.
    The Lord gave you the word on your health He is not a man that He would lie!!.

  5. Nan A

    God Bless you John S. I am not in the medical field but I am a older retired person who has had some health challenges also as I aged. Up and down blood sugars, high cholesterol, arthritis and joint pain. I started getting medical care at 65 for all these concerns, I appreciate all my care from qualified doctors and I do take a prescription for Neuropathy. But my other issues I needed to get control or go on medicines. My health was truly failing me and each day was a struggle. I wanted to share with you that 6 months ago, I started a Ketogenic “KETO” diet, my sugar came under control within the first month, inflammation gone, my arthritis is gone, joint pain-none except for my Neuropathy which is controlled by a prescription. My Triglycerides went from 272 in 2018 to 120 in 2019. All my markers were great this year. I am feeling so much energy also. If you think a change in your diet would help, let me prayerfully encourage you to look into Keto, I plan on staying on this diet for life. I lost 10 lbs also and that was a bonus. Did not do keto for weight loss but that never hurts to loose those few pounds hanging around. There is a lot of information on YT about Keto. There are people to help you understand this diet and get you started. Maybe this will help you and I pray you get to feeling better soon. God Bless, thanks for reading my comment.

  6. Carmelita

    Hi my name is Carmelita can u pls pray for my daughter Leah she is 4years old she don’t eat nd drink ns fever come nd go ahr sleeps most of the time doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with her pla pray for her I can’t lose my daughter also pray for my mom Gloria she is full of hatred and anger for me nd my husband she wanted to fight with me she pulls up her face when she are me I ask her for help she say go to ur husband nd he also abiae me Masud how can a mom hate her own blood she hate my husband coz he iis Muslim she is nasty with my kids I am crying she turns her back when she c me pray that god convict her nd change her eveny dad Clive he is evil with me my parents it hurts also I need a job coz I can’t find work I need to support myself nd my kids nd leave my parents house coz they abuse me pls I am in a depression coz of all the wary mom even curse me she push me nd I did nothing bit she is a Christian pls pray for me

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