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Prayer Request from Jesus Christ – Moriah

Prayer Request from Jesus Christ

April 12, 2022 3:41 AM

I received an audible word very clearly from the Father, please gather your families, friends and churches to lift up petition with me. The word was “Pray against the obelisk.” Jesus knows- that I know- what this is and what it represents.

If you do not, it represents the male serial energy and genitalia. The life force more exactly- and marks the dominion of the chiefest fallen angel, “L-cifer.” It comes in many forms across the globe, from simple stacked rock pillars to Hindu lingam, buildings and cherished pointed monuments, etc. He and his fallen angels have peppered the land with them, including in our churches and cemetaries.

Pray sincerely to defeat the spiritual properties of the obelisk and its devotees.

Thank you. Father bless you all in Jesus’ precious name.

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