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Prayer Request for Honduras – Noel Castillo

Prayer Request for Honduras

November 13, 2020 1:46 PM
Noel Castillo

God bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Firstly, I want to request your prayers for Honduras. Huracán ETA caused so much destruction mainly by floods. There are too many people affected by the lost of their homes and belongings. We have around 700 hundred people in shelters just in the town I live in. Your prayers are highly appreciated.

There is the chance that IOTA (a new tropical depression #31) to become a hurricane and to follow the same path as ETA. Hopefully, it won’t happen and that the Most High God will take control of this.

Secondly, some friends and my family have been cooking dinner for these people in shelters. We are in need to buy more food to continue helping those in great need. I’m doing this as led by the Holy Spirit.

If you’re willing to collaborate, these are the two options:


2- Deposit Information
State Employees’ Credit Union 1000 Wade Ave, Raleigh NC, 27605

Routing Number: 253177049
Account Number: 08644740721
Account Type: Checking

Attached you’ll find pictures of the devastation caused by ETA. Picture not subject to copyrights.

Thank you so much in advance. May the peace of the Almighty be upon you forever.

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