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PRAYER NEEDED – Handmaid of the Most High


May 5, 2022 3:45 PM
Handmaid of the Most High


Saints, the harassment is getting bad again. Things of importance continue to be stolen or sabotaged.

My email accounts that have been down since December are still unaccessible causing important information to be unavailable.

My emails and other internet communications are being completely blocked. Those sites I do have access to take minutes to be seen/loaded as everything is being “previewed” by the stalker/hackers first. I do know it is a miracle that I have any access to a few sights and one email account at all!

Today, while discussing medical information that required access to an email, my entire internet access immediately “disappeared” then the call with the representative was immediately disconnected when I attempted to explain. This happens with many calls. It has not been as bad as it has been sometimes in the past but they (stalkers) are definitely very angry for the messages I share and they know I am hearing clearly from the Lord.

The enemy is definitely busy with distractions and entanglements and greatly attacking my finances as well. Stealing through people and their devious plans and outright lies (including an car accident earlier this year – please pray that justice is delivered swiftly) and that I may be restored.

There are other things as well but I believe you can see the big picture. Please pray that these plans would fail, that those funds stolen will be restored and that my efforts will be enabled to do as the Lord desires. I know the enemy wants me to give up because of these attacks.

If you have reached out and haven’t heard back there have been challenges for me as well. The man from Arkansas your last name and address was unclear to Jonathan, would you reach out again? Amy D. I did write you back, if you received a response and wrote back a third time, I did not get it.

I believe in the power of prayer!

I deeply appreciate those who lift me up! I know that without those prayers, my actions would be more greatly hindered more than they already are. Please continue to pray, if I cross your mind during the day will you say another prayer?

June will see many things unravel, come late August and September (it will be very obvious) people will be in shock. I want to be able to share as the Lord shares with me!

God Bless You and please know that I love you and pray for you as well.

Handmaid of the Most High


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