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Pray that you leave not on the Sabbath, nor in the Winter – NeoScota

Pray that you leave not on the Sabbath, nor in the Winter

September 22, 2021 7:53 AM

22nd September 2021, 02:00am

Greetings Comrades, my fellow God Squad, Warriors of all ranks and specialities 😉

I have been asked to share with you a prayer focus request, regarding the situation with the earthquakes and volcanoes on the island of La Palma.

It has been predicted for many years that it could cause a landslide and a tsunami should it start to erupt again.
These claims are now being silenced, and many are saying it is fear mongering. Blah blah, yadda yadda….
Noah had this to contend with as he built his Ark.

But this situation is written in the Bible in Revelation of how a fiery mountain will fall into the sea.

Well as you probably know, this fiery mountain in La Palma is showing all sorts of concerning activity recorded by the specialists in the field, but it is being played down by lamestream media, buoys not functioning off the east coast of the US, and not come back online so people cannot get a warning to seek higher ground.

I myself in Carlisle UK, just a few miles away from the flat sandy Solway from the west coast, which leads into the river Eden behind my home. The river Eden has flooded Carlisle before, and so a 10m tsunami would cause untold damage to homes and farms here and beyond.
In other words, I am paying particular attention to this situation, but I am not in a place of fear.

I do have a bugout bag ready in a bugout car that is all set to go. I lived in this car in September 2017 and even in -7 degrees Celsius temps, had quite a journey with God as my guide since then. And on the 20th September 2021, I was all set to move back into my car and go up to the nearby Scottish mountains into safety and spent the night in my car.
But yesterday I noticed my rear wheel arches lower than what they should be.
My springs had just snapped. I needed to get him fixed.
So whilst back home in the danger area, with no transport or physical health to get me elsewhere, with the volcano and data going off the charts, I was forced to face the possibility of not going off on an Exodus and even dying in this predicted event.
Strangely I was Ok with this and here is why…..

Those of us who will physically succumb to the prophesies stated for these end times we are in, our soul will be taken before the final moment of our earthly life.
No pain, no sound, just an awareness of being pulled towards the most incredible loving light of Our Creator.

Now doesn’t that beat the dark evil oppression of the filthy mire we are experiencing on earth, and would do if we stay alive, being forced the mark of the beast, which the vaccine certainly is by the way. Its not even a precursor…it has the chip in nanoparticles within the vaccine. The more shots you have, the more assimilation into a huma-borg you become. Their creation. No longer recognisable to God 🙁

Sorry, I digress 😉 …….

So at home, I was about to sleep when I was awakened at 2am time. I was guided to go through youtube. Straight away I saw a video just posted of a channel I am subbed to regarding the festival times and how they are a month behind.
The day of Atonement is on this Friday 24th September. This is a Sabbath.
The following day, Saturday 25th September is also a Sabbath.
Feast of Tabernacles begins the 29th September.
And the La Palma is really progressing in activity. If it goes, it will mean an Exodus.

And I heard and felt in my spirit, that THIS is relating to the advice given to us from our Commander in Chief, our King, Yahshua.
“Pray you not leave on the sabbath, nor in the winter”

Ding ding ding…..

My eyes started to sting and water, then I started seeing ancient hebrew blocks of text on my bed drapes, then my constant ear sounds I have stopped, went silent, then started back up with a pulsating sound I have never heard before.

I was also told by the Holy Spirt, the Ruach HaQodesh, to get this out and so I have jumped feet first out of my comfort zone and got this to you.

The Greater Exodus will be graduated, some will start trickling off depending on your country and circumstances, as I know of some who are already under the wings of God right now in the wilderness. Others will go at later dates and this La Palma event will mean an exodus for many more. But more will follow. Some may even go back briefly to then go back out again. Go with your guidance you get from God.

Things will change with this event. People will see how their gubberment kept this from them and it all will just be a totally different reality in the blink of an eye.
It will also set their plans on speed dial as Fema rush in “to help”

So please can I call on you my fellow Warriors, to pray that this does not happen on the coming sabbaths, but also that it happens in La Palma during daylight so the islanders can have a chance, but late enough in the day so that the world warning can get out to affected regions also in daylight.

This is what we came here for, yes it will shake us up but these events must happen, Thy will be done, and it is now time, an amazing time where we are right here witnessing a new book of the Bible unfolding before our very eyes.
And we are part of it.
So be ready….have your things in order, practically and most of all, spiritually.

Soon our King of Kings will claim His throne,
The Aleph and the Tav
The Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the End


Note: I got these dates from Sabine Vlaming who was using the Essene Solar calendar …this was the post I was woken up to read 🙏

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