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Pray, Pray, Pray Unceasingly To Mitigate The Judgments! – Cryptic1

Pray, Pray, Pray Unceasingly To Mitigate The Judgments!

May 11, 2020 11:00 PM

This message was given 5.10.20. There are judgments mentioned here that appeared to be in the form of a list. As I looked it over, I thought about a recent article I had read by Latterrain333 tited ‘11:11 Double Judgment Prophecies‘ (posted 5.8.2020 on this site) and wondered if the judgments I had been given were also contained in her extensive list of judgments. As I read her post I was surprised to see quite a few similarities. I felt led to notate the corresponding numbers from her list of judgments onto mine.

I believe the Holy Spirit is pointing us to Latterrain333’s very serious message from Jesus about the coming judgments and to the message I was given to pray to mitigate the effects of these judgments. As further confirmation, this morning I went to ‘Logos’ a christian book store. As I was looking around the anointing oils section, I came across a bottle of anointing oil put out by The name of the fragrance? ‘Latter Rain’. The message follows.

Daughter pray, pray, pray unceasingly – for prayer is the ONLY thing that can mitigate the effects of the coming judgments upon your earth. For the judgments have been set forth and will be meted out to your world, especially the nation of America who has betrayed Me – who was once her first love. SOUND THE TRUMPET! SOUND THE ALARM – for IT is coming! Tribulation comes, bringing persecution, the downfall of this nation and unprecedented suffering.

Famine will bring lack. (#3 Beginnings of Famine) Loss of jobs will lead many to take their lives sadly – where they will call out to Me from the pit of hell. (#2 Beginning of an Economic collapse) Nuclear fallout. Radiation emissions. (#33 Radiation) Loss of civil liberty. Institution of martial law. Rise of corruption in your government. The rise of the beast and his mark. The falling away of My church. The judgments that will come upon the church. (#4 Judgment on the churches {they are being shut down}) The incoming asteroids, comets. (#25 Asteroids) The darkening of the sun, moon and stars. (#23 Nibiru (Planet X)) The entry of intergalactic beings – namely the fallen ones. (#16 Alien deception) Their progeny the Nephilim – the Giants of old who will return to rule and terrify the earth. (#34 Nephilim/Fallen angels). The return of the Hybrids – the monsters of old resurrected in new ways. The rise of the zombies. (#28 Zombies of the Apocalypse) The beast system implemented. (#30 Cannot buy or sell) The fall of the economy of America. (#2 Complete economic Collapse) Strife and division between father and son, mother and daughter, neighbor against neighbor. (#17 Brother against brother {civil war}) Pervasive lies your government has used against you for the manipulation and control of the masses.

Many will experience persecution unrivaled. (#15 Great persecution in America) But so too will my children, my Army rise up to take on and battle the enemy through the power of My written Word – the Sword of the Spirit. Continue to lift your voices and hearts in prayer for the unsaved, the lost, the forsaken, the widow, the children, those aborted (even after birth), for the suicidal and depressed. Many cry out – but not to Me! I depend on the prayers of the saints to offset the judgments and to intercede on the behalf of these desperate souls. There is no one to pray for them for much of the world is gripped by fear, paralyzed by the thought of perishing. Let him who has ears come to Me! Pray children – with every fiber of your being – for the Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are far and few. Amen. Amen.

Heed My word. Be obedient to My call for I stand at the door and knock. Open your heart to Me and I will come in and dine with you. I will shelter you under My wings, I will be your safe haven. Stay close children. I am the narrow gate. I will protect, I will lead and guide you to safety. Abide in Me, commune with Me. Only those who KNOW Me will I protect. Come to Me in the secret place of the Most High where I abide. Love all I send to you, even the unlovable. Remember I died to save all mankind – even though many will reject Me through you. Hurry children while it is still daylight for darkness looms on the horizon! Be grafted into the vine and there you will find the peace and safety you desire.

In the coming days many will desire a way out of this life. But the only way through the tribuation is through Me – your Savior Yeshua. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE I repeat – no one comes to the Father but through Me. All else are liars and counterfeiters. I go now My children to prepare a place at the supper table for My sheep, My little lambs. Come children, come close before the door closes and the darkness descends.

Your Savior

Your Messiah

Your beloved Bridegroom

Yeshua Hamaschiah

Pray, Pray, Pray Unceasingly To Mitigate The Judgments

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  1. Catherine

    “Loss of jobs will lead many to take their lives sadly”…..this is why I made this video: suicide is not the solution

  2. Robert Howard


    Out of curiosity, what is meant by the term you used “in the coming days”, for this could mean for example, 3 days or 10,000 days. Does days mean days, or is it an indefinite interpretation to cover this “prophecy”? I just ask because more “prophets” use this phrase now. I believe I have heard this term first used about a year and a half ago and still waiting for the “prophecy” to come to fruition.
    The Lord God of Heaven does not confuse His children. He is very clear and does not want one to be Mislead. That is what the god of this world does to the children of GOD.
    Now, Before anyone accuses me of judging or throwing hate, please remember the scriptures say to “test the spirits to know if they are of God.” Not my Words but Gods Words. This is just one question. So, once again Cryptic, what does “in the coming days mean”…

  3. Chris Chapin

    What what does He mean by zombies? Like actual rotting corpses walking?

  4. David Mehew

    Chris Chapin – I believe the “zombies” refer to the people who get vaccinated. This “new” vaccine compromises a person’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to the deleterious effects of the 5G millimeter wave. The 5G technology basically suffocates by reducing the electron connection in the blood to carry oxygen to the bodily tissues and organs ..The so-called “coronavirus” is really this. First city to have 5G installed? You guessed it – Wuhan, China!! It’s a hoax to get people to take the vaccine. Watch carefully what occurs.

  5. Rita

    In regards to Zombies:

    About 7-8 years ago, while I was downtown, coming out of McDonalds… I had a Vision…that everyone was Zombies. Then another time, while sitting in Church, I had another vision that the lady sitting in front of me was a Zombie. Every once in a while I will have visions of Zombies.

    There was a woman somewhere in the U.S., who’s two children went missing. She said they were Zombies. I truly believe this is true. I read an article a few weeks ago, saying that over 1 million Children have been Microchipped. So this woman who’s children went missing, they were probably Microchipped. Several years ago, I had a dream of my two grandsons, the dream was that the Baphomet (a satanic figure) was flying off if the air with my two grandsons. I pray to God, that He will Protect them from harm, and from the School System Microchipping them. That’s why these 5G Towers have been going up around the schools.

  6. Cryptic1

    About 8 or so years ago I read a book titled ’23 Minutes in Hell’ by Bill Wiese. In this book Jesus told Bill Wiese He would be returning ‘soon’. I had no idea what ‘soon’ meant and at the time ‘soon’ seemed a long way off. Today 8 years later I not only believe in the ‘soon’ return but also the ‘imminent’ return of Jesus Christ. A day is like a thousand years to the Lord. I believe God’s concept of time and our concept are worlds apart and can only be understood under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    As for zombies I know very little so I asked the Holy Spirit and got the word ‘pandemic’. I had seen a glimpse of Jeff Byerly (Holy Spirit Wind’s) ‘Zombie’ video dated 5.6.20 so I went to take a look there. This video contains clips of assorted zombie videos and commentary and as I was watching I stopped when I saw this title ‘The Global Zombie Pandemic’ by Linda Hasche dated 8.26.19. I would recommend you watch Jeff Byerly’s ‘Zombie’ video and pay close attention to Linda Hasche’s video as well.

  7. Mathew

    Robert, the same question could have been asked of Jesus when He said roughly 2,000 years ago that “I am coming soon”. (Revelation 22:20). Some key points are that we are to “Watch” (Mark 13:37) and that destruction will come suddenly (1 Thessalonians 5:3). We can be sure of certain events that will happen, but not of the timing. That being the case, we need to watch, pray and keep on doing what we are called to do.

  8. Robert Howard


    I do understand that God does not work in our time line. But, Can we safely say that all these prophecies may not happen for another thousand years yet.(Or they may happen tomorrow, only God knows) I will not go and give tons of scripture as I have done time and again in past postings.
    Jesus wanted us to be watchful, this I do agree. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. But, We may not see any of these prophecies on this site play out in this generation or even in the next, but, then again we may, and some of these prophecies may or may not be of GOD. (Hope you understand what I am saying here)
    Some say that these warnings are supposed to reach the lost. How many non believers let alone non believers that are interested in prophecy come to this site? I have been a Believer in Christ as my Lord and Savior since I was 9 and I am 43 now and happened on this site maybe 2 years ago. I still have a lot that the Lord needs to show me and I do understand that His teaching His children will be a lifelong journey and will be perfected when we are with Christ.
    Some on here say GOD told them the “Rapture” will happen first, before the tribulation and some say God told them that all will go through the tribulation and then after, the second coming takes place as is stated I’ll n Matthew 24. This would make an average believer doubt the Word of God let alone a non believer. God does not confuse or cause confusion. We have lying and seducing spirits working overtime in this world, especiallywith believers. I suppose that is why the Apostle Paul tells us to put on the armor and to guard our hearts.
    I know I may not convince anyone on these few points I have brought here, for that is the job of the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for your time cryptic.


    Please, Dont misquote scripture, Revelation 22:20 says “Surely I come quickly” (KJV) soon and quickly are two different words with two different meanings. Soon is soon, I believe when he come it will be quick. Like lightning, it comes quick and without warning ( I hope you understand what I am sayin here)


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