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Pray, Pray, Pray! America is falling! – Jezreel


Pray, Pray, Pray! America is falling!

September 9, 2021 11:34 AM

Sept 9, 2021 @ 12:36am:

Last night I was praying in the Spirit. I had the Canadian Prime Minister on mind so I said his name and then immediately after, these words came from my lips so I wrote them all down bit by bit. The message came faster than I had time to process what I was saying and it seemed to be a prophetic message from the Lord though I didn’t feel an extraordinarily strong presence of the Lord upon me as usual. I intermittently spoke in tongues, and grieved partway through the message as I was hearing and watching the sounds of many many newborn children screaming and crying, covering in blood. The Lord made me understand that though he can and will be comforting them and avenging their blood, they shouldn’t be here like this to begin with! His eyes were ablaze and I felt his shear anger and yet unfailing compassion for their lives. I am taking this entire messagd to the Lord in prayer again this morning for confirmation but I feel there’s not much time to hold onto it so I release it to you my dearest friends and family of God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I highly encourage you to please take this to the Lord for confirmation as well.

Grace and peace be yours in Christ. ♡

Sept 9, 2021 @ 12:36am:
Trudeau. A snake. (I saw his form almost entirely covered in shadowy blackness. Evil.) Conniving. Mischievous. May the Lord rebuke him.

Terrorist. Terrorist. Terrorist. Terrorist. Traitor. Backslider. War. War. War. Ambush. Mayday. Corruption. Politicians. Repent. The 3rd. August. 19. War is coming, America. Be ready to fight. Taking down guns. Mandates harder. Next time harder. Pushing. Anger rising. Trump card. Leader leaving. Washington. Decay. The left. Falling. Repent, oh America. Woe to you, America. Your nation has fallen never to rise again. Seek me with your whole face. Bend your knees to the Almighty Lord. The God who was, and is, and is to come. My anger burns. I cannot be delayed. This must happen. Babylon must fall for Israel’s slain. My children are bleeding. The screams are unfathomable. Do you know what I mean when I say I am angry? Try and imagine it and find out how wrong you are. My anger burns and nothing can contain it. Who are you to stop my wrath from burning? I am the Living God who created the sun and the stars. Worship me I say! WORSHIP ME ONLY IN FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT! Come to my altar and pray! Seek me without ceasing! Pray constantly for your nation is falling! Don’t forget or you will be forgotten. Repent O’ you nations of the earth. You Babylon the Great. Woe to the wicked ones, burning. Stumble and fall. Stumble and fall. It’s coming nations. Brace yourself.
Harder and harder to pull away. Each judgment that passes, watch your hearts break.

8th. The 4th. Days destined for greatness flipped on their heads because of a nation that never repents. Please focus on me, believer. Focus on me till I’m all you see. You need me. I need you to obey.

In my vision, I see a giant fly like it’s magnified slightly to the left in front of me staring at me like it’s watching me. Then I thought, “Fly on the wall.” Then I heard, “Watch out. You’re being monitored. Be careful how you speak. Learn to conduct yourselves infront of others, my little ones. Not only for your sake, but for the sake of others.”

(The message continued):
Censorship. The media is fake. Don’t believe everything you see. Learn to trust me only. I am your Heavenly Father and I will provide for you. In all your ways acknowledge me and I will direct your path.

Listen to my voice, angel. Your time is nearly up here on earth. Fight to the death and earn your crown. I’m waiting for you. (Big warm smile)

You were destined for greatness. Never to fall like the rest. Keep your head up and don’t give in. The fight is fierce but I am with you till the end. You cannot believe or imagine what I have in store for you. Keep your eyes on me and focus and we will get there together. You will never be alone. I am always with you. No matter how small you feel, I am there. Love me wholeheartedly. Marry me now. Walk in my ways. I will take you to victory. You will come back home to me into my arms of love where I will hold you forever in my embrace. Don’t let go my loves. The time is almost up for you. Seek my face daily. Never forget me. We go together.




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