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March 16, 2022 2:42 PM
A Sister In Christ, Tammy

I must start with stating I have been in “training” with the Lord Jesus Christ since February 2015. I have had many dreams/visions but this is the first time I have felt so strongly to share.

With this particular dream/vision the Holy Spirit gave me 3 revelations and I will state them following the dream/vision. I state it as a dream/vision because it began (as it usually does) as a dream but I then awaken and am aware of where I physically am and what is around me but I am still very much in seeing the dream continue and what the message and meaning the Holy Spirit is showing me.

I was attending a banquet. Everyone was in a line and going through a buffet style food line. Food was being placed on people’s plates and they were being told to try different things, even though many may not have wanted what they were being given. As it was my turn in line the dream switched to a vision state.

At this point I knew what we were being given was not good for us and had been tainted or modified to cause physical or spiritual harm to each person that ate it. I knew I needed to rebuke any evil cast over or placed within the food or drink being served and any that we had eaten and allowed into our bodies.
As, I was rebuking as I was lead by the Holy Spirit there was a large hand that appeared and told those responsible for giving me the dream that he was collecting it and it would not be used again and it was now ineffective. I was lead to believe initially that the large hand was that of God, but as I watched I knew it was an evil spirit sent to appear that way.
REVELATIONS from the Holy Spirit:

1. Our food sources are being tainted, poisoned & genetically modified with substances that change who we are (and will continue to change us); how we respond and behave; our physical, mental & emotional state of mind; and very much effects our spiritual life and our intimacy with the Lord.

2. Because of what is being done to our food and food sources we must ALWAYS PRAY over ALL food and drink we consume or serve. Pray over our groceries when they are purchased and brought home for consumption (this way anything we use or snack on is covered). Pray over all meals (at home or eaten out); fast food; and even meals and drink consumed at friends homes or at work. ALL FOOD & DRINK SOURCES!
We must also pray over the food and drink of our pets, livestock & even wild animal as all are being poisoned to turn them from their natural God created states.

3. Lastly, we must be very aware that Satan gives us dreams and visions as well as the Holy Spirit. We MUST clearly discern where our revelations and messages are coming from.

A Sister In Christ, Tammy

Respectfully submitted as directed by the Holy Spirit.

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