Pray, My People, Pray! – Ruth Johnson


Pray, My People, Pray!

September 20, 2021 2:52 AM
Ruth Johnson

The battle is raging in Heaven
Pray, My people, pray!
I do not know what else to say
Pray, My people, pray!
Keep your armour on
The dragon is thrown down
Like lightning to the ground
he will have his day
Your weapon is My Word
Pray, My people! Pray!
Pray like there is no tomorrow
Pray for the end of sorrow
There is no time left to borrow
Pray, My people! Pray!
he comes with great wrath
Destruction in his path
he has waited so long
For you all to be gone!
What are you thinking?
The earth will soon be stinking
Of death!
You cannot hold your breath!
Pray, My People! Pray!
This is Gethsemane for you!
Fall on My rock
Sweat blood and tears
Wake up your friends
For soon comes the end
Of any semblance of the world
As you know it!
You do not have years!
What does My Word say?!
Pray! Pray! Pray!
That is your only weapon
Your guns will not protect you!
I Will!!! Ask Me!!!
My angels will be sent to you
Ask and receive!
Do have faith!
Do not fear!
You are in trouble,
A time like no other!
Pray, My people! Pray!
Woe to the earth and sea
When the dragon comes down to thee
Filled with fury
For his time is short!
Pray for your families
Pray for your enemies
Forgive them, Father,
They know not what they do!
That must be you!
Do not wait another instant
Earth’s demise is not distant
Your sins have flooded Heaven!
The earth is full of leaven!
I cannot take it!
Pray you make it to My Throne
And do not arrive alone!
Pray your loved ones are gathered
Before these times are done!
Pray for My angels
Helping all of you
Pray for yourself
To help others through
Pray for My Son
To lead you and guide you
Listen for His voice
He knows how to hide you!
You soon will see things
You never thought you would
In your wildest dreams
And none of them good!
You lovers of pleasures,
Lovers of money,
Backbiters, cheaters,
Mockers and scoffers
Will finally observe
What your ruler has to offer!
he is shooting venom
Into your veins
And you just let him!
What do you say
When the lights go out,
When the darkness falls
When you cannot sleep
For your mind is full of doubt?
What do you tell yourself
In your head in your bed?
What you will do
When the dawn arrives?
Make new plans
For your life?
The one you think you own?
What if for you
Tomorrow never comes?
How about try…
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take?
Pray, My people!!! Pray!!!
I Love You!
Your Father



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