pray for the lost to be found – Sarah Lynch

pray for the lost to be found

Nov 3, 2019, 10:31 AM
Sarah Lynch
I have to admit humbly that I was not obedient to HOLY SPIRIT when I was directed to share this.
Ever try arguing with GOD that you aren’t a worthy messenger/ servant and no one listens when HOLY SPIRIT directs you to share?
GOD alone choses your path. Brothers and Sisters, never allow the enemy to convince you GOD is making a mistake. I learned this lesson and I am thankful for the much needed refining.
((((Please pray on this. This message has been a fire in my bones, the enemy has fought hard to keep it quiet( I have not been given wisdom yet on why) but here it is. ))))
Received October 10th…To be shared October 20th.
“You are a blessed child of GOD. Do not forget who you are in ME as you move about on this earth.
The way of my people is guided by MY Spirit, MY voice.
The warnings to prepare have gone out. It is now time for MY Children to heed or suffer needlessly. It is trust and it is faith, Children.
Many profess both yet I see neither when I search the hearts of millions. So many are lost. Your job is not to find them, I am the shepard!! MY flock obeys MY commands.
MY army prepares with trials created by ME.
Few care, Daughter. It grieves ME. The enemy’s plan moves forward and few pray against it.
Fewer pray for the lost to be found. They pray for the end of all things. They fail to comprehend that they are praying AGAINST MY WILL.
MY will is that no man, woman or precious child perish, yet I hear many praying for this time to end.
Why would I do that, Child? Why would I cut this time short before the appointed hour, My time is not your time.
Some are actually praying for these open doors of forgiveness and salvation for the lost to be closed without even understanding it.
I have given them all the power to withstand the adversary. Do NOT give up, Children.
Stand IN ME.
Longsuffering and patience. Remember these fruits of MY Spirit.
Weakness prays for the end of all things while rejecting what I’ve provided for you to withstand.
You all must endure a little while longer. Pray for your Brothers and Sisters lost in darkness to find MY light.
Do not be selfish, precious ones.
I love you, endure under MY wings of protection.
Your loving Savior and King Yeshua.

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