Pray for My people in California, that they will receive the warning I am giving – Katie Troutman

By Katie Troutman

Pray for My people in California, that they will receive the warning I am giving.
JUNE 27, 2017

I had a dream several months ago. The Lord told me yesterday morning in prayer to speak the warning to the people.
In the dream, I was on a highway that ran by the ocean in California. The ride was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. We were on a family vacation. Throughout the whole dream, we were riding down this highway, taking in the beautiful scenery. It was majestic, every color, every tree, and the ocean. It captured every bit of our attention. We were so enthralled in the beauty of every detail, just taking it all in. That was highlighted to me.
There was a business in a silver retro travel-trailer on the side of the road. There was a vibrant, colorful talking parrot that flew around and talked to everyone. The whole time we were just intoxicated with the experience.
We pulled over to visit with someone and take in more of the scenery. Then we got back into the car. It was a sunshine filled day and a song began to play on the radio, like a Beach Boys song. The music, the ocean, the talking parrot and so on. I woke up out of a dead sleep and the Lord immediately said, “Pray for My people in California, that they will receive the warning I am giving. Pray their eyes would be open and they would understand I am warning them.”


The Lord highlighted the beauty of California and how it captivated not only us, but everyone else. I believe God has obviously been warning people and wants them to wake up and not only hear the warnings of a coming disaster, but heed and take action to preserve their lives.
God loves His people and cares for them so deeply. He will provide an ark of rescue for any and everyone if they will seek Him for specific instructions on what to do and where to go. It is not God’s will that any would perish. That is why he sends warnings. Through prayer much can be averted for Christians if they hear, seek and obey what the Lord would tell them personally.
I would like to add that I have felt very strongly that as things unfold, God has a way planned for His kids. He loves us. He is the God that parted the Red Sea to protect His people from their enemies. He is the way maker. He is the Great I AM. So please heed whatever it is that the Lord begins speaking to you personally. Ask him what you should do. Ask Him if He wants you to take action and please hear and respond.
Even if it turns things around a bit in your life, just TRUST HIM and it will be okay! Follow His leading… hear Him and obey. You will NEVER regret obeying the Lord. It might be hard, sad, and difficult initially to lose all that’s familiar, but there’s such closeness and joy in the Lord when we Heed His warning and team up with Him for a plan of safety for ourselves and our families.
May this speak to whomever God desires. I pray you have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. Blessed be His Holy name!

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