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Powerful Foe

August 9, 2020 8:15 PM

Dream the morning of August 6th, 2020.

I was on a stairwell with platforms at different levels. There was a prophecy that I was aware of in the dream, “Your king will die on the first platform.” The king and I were going up the stairs together. When we got to the first platform, I stopped and sure enough the king ascended higher and was met by a foe who caused the king to tumble down the stairs. When he reached the level I was at, I could see that he died there. (Like he hit his head and/or broke his neck.) But he continued falling down the stairs. As soon as I had the understanding that he was dead another large and powerful foe appeared on an adjacent stairwell and level. He was in full armor. (Everyone was in full armor.) He came to attack me. He threw a spear at me. I watched the attack from a different location. As the spear hurtled towards me. I could see myself use my weapon to deflect it. When I used my weapon, I saw that I had been empowered by God, because light flashed through the weapon. Then I attacked and was given power to easily defeat the enemy.

End of dream.

Luke 10:19
I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy.

Please share insights or interpretation, because I do not have that gift. I will say that for a moment I thought the king was Jesus, but the Holy Spirit quickly corrected me.

With love,


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  1. John H.

    I’m almost certain that the ‘king’ God is referring to is President Trump.

  2. Denise

    Not certain, but “Your king” could be our president? Taken out abruptly {possibly witnessed) and then the foe going after the true Christians afterwards, but they prevail. That’s what I thought of, but I don’t know. of course. I had a similar dream not long ago, but not exactly like yours.

  3. refugeandhidingplace

    Great dream, falls very much in line with what many prophecies are saying. It warmed my heart to read it, it felt so similar to the dreams Father gives me. I have seen this so many times “When I used my weapon, I saw that I had been empowered by God, because light flashed through the weapon.”

    The current king will fall (likely the president) and great will be his fall. And another will rise in his place and great will be his is reign. The first king dies on the first platform which is the start of things, there are many platforms to go. The second king who replace the first will desire to hurt the children of God but the Father will empower us and protect us.

    As I read this immediately Revelation 12:13-17 came into my mind. Also, Joel 2:28-32 and you are exactly spot on with Luke 10:19.

    Be blessed

  4. Michelle

    No huge secret there. This means Trump will not exercise his second term, even if he wins, and whoever comes next will persecute the saints.

  5. Anna

    As I prayed about this I got the impression/confirmation about what I had heard—my immediate thought was to an earlier prophecy that Trump would die—that the king is Trump (Insert a note: some have said he will not die, but will be alive and well in a secret location, only it will be proclaimed to the world that he is dead—why, I don’t know). As he steps up his power is greater, and he rises towards God, but he is cut down, not necessarily by a successor as some have supposed, although that is one possibility. Afterwards comes a mighty force, from from the side, but connected to the same stairway—a power or government connected to, but not the same government—this force comes and mightily attacks Christians but though they attack fiercely, they are easily defeated—EASILY!!—with the sword of the Lord, the word of God in our hands. We will gain a great victory and no weapons formed against us will prosper! We have no need to fear what comes at us for we need only to step out boldly to drive back the enemy and to defeat them!

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