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Power in My Blood – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

Power in My Blood

My blood contains life. Life that I have for all who wash with it and is eternal. For you are birthed in sin. The sin is insidious and because you carry around your body – you will always have sin to contend with. This is what it means when John says, ‘if you say you have no sin – you are a liar – and call Him a liar’ for your body is the containment for sin. And this is where the power of My blood comes in. My blood was poured out once – for all and no longer is there any need for another sacrifice and keeps you – safe, in My Kingdom. But My blood is to be continually washing all who seek to be clean before My Father. This is what John was saying when he said’ that if you confess your sin, the blood of Jesus will cleanse you’ So, when it is said– that My blood covers all sin, past, present and future is a truth that has been twisted. In the moment that any lay hold of My sacrifice for them, in truth, I wash them so they may stand before Myself and My Father, blameless but does not stop there. For My blood is living, and must be taken and drank like a perpetual fountain of life. Eat My flesh, drink My blood – this is what this means. You must feed off of this living source that comes from Me – to keep you alive in Me. There is a picture of this when God rained down manna from heaven to sustain the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness. If you did not feed off of the manna, you would die. It was to be taken daily, and handled according to the word of God in His instruction otherwise it would rot Exodus 16. For you have sin in you that I and only I can call out to reveal to you even that it is there! I have said that it is not what you take in – your food that defiles a man Matt 15:16-20. It is the very heart of every man that will defile you. For if you keep sin it is like a catalyst and you will see that what lies in your heart for it will be revealed, no one is immune! My blood covers all who walk in Me, who look to Me seeking the will of My Father. My blood is active and will flush out – all the impurities that are within you but I must have a people who look to Me for this. Instead, I see a great many who believe the lie and say they are saved, and then continue to live as one whose sin remains active and also that that lies dormant. They do not seek Me to show them, they do not seek Me to teach them so I may be a transforming fire within them. This is how you become into My image and likeness! You cannot lay dormant, saying that all is well as you sit in your sin! For in this, you deny you have sin! In this you cannot be cleansed by the power of My Blood! My Grace is what covers all who walk with Me in this way – so they are set apart and the enemy cannot touch them. What I grant is freely given which cannot be worked for – for how can anyone ever build, earn or gain such a gift that has value that mortal man could ever understand let alone attempt to work for it? There is none who would ever boast that they have earned this precious gift of My Blood who walk in its power. That is not to say that because this gift was no cost to you that it be handled in the way that so many handle it. Paul eluded to this when he explained the reason that there were those among them who were sick and dying – because how they handled the blood of Christ and His Broken body 1 Cor 11:29-31. I say, they treated My body and blood as meaningless. This is the same today. ‘Free gift!’ – they cry out to the masses, ‘come and get it, you need only to accept it, believe in Jesus and it is yours and eternity with God is guaranteed!’ This too is meaningless, for tell me, how does this sound to you? Is this how My Father would have you speak of His only begotten Son of His Love? My Spirit speaks otherwise to all who have ears to hear. My Spirit grieves in such environments and is brought to anger at the handling of My Blood – My Life, My Work, a labor of love. I have made the way for any who would come and follow Me. I grant all My grace to walk into the fullness I am – which covers your lifetime. I provide you this, but your eternity depends upon what you do with what I provide you with. For in your body of sin, I in my work, remove it from you. You see, you are covered, and sin does not have power that the wrath of My Father hates over you any longer– though you will contend with sin until you die and it is here where you and I must work to remove it. For I long for a Bride without spot or wrinkle! It is my desire to make her ready – and I am doing this in her for this is what I am speaking to you now. If you are not seeking to be free from sin in your daily life – you must pay careful attention to what I am saying and adjust your thinking! Be not deceived to think that your sin is so very lovable, and harmless and just not that big of a deal.
Walk right and just before Me and you will see the good way. You must carefully consider all that you do so you can do what is right and just. There is no rest for the upright for it is your commission as all who follow after Me. As I counseled Cain with a warning, I say to you; do well and right and you will receive My blessing (grace), but do not – and sin waits very patiently so it may enter in to consume you. Understand that sin does not ever go away and will seize any opportunity you have given it, to enter in. There are so very many who do not consider their ways to see all the sin they allow in their lives, for if they did they would see that My life is nowhere to be found. For I do not dwell where sin is lifted up. Too many do not take time to consult with Me with a heart that is humble for I tell all who seek Me in this way what they must do with the sin they play with, or they do not even yet know of. My blood was poured out before My Father, to satisfy Him on your behalf. I have made a way for your freedom from sin. This freedom is truly reached through a walk done daily – with Me, where we interact. For many think that I buy them freedom and they can continue to sin in that they need not think about it any longer, for ‘Jesus has dealt with it’ they tell themselves. Only the enemy himself could have created this lie that so many live by because he seeks to insult My Blood – and has done so by introducing this ‘doctrine.’ My blood is living and it cleanses the vilest of sin – to where there is no longer any evidence it ever existed. Do you hear this? My blood removes any and all of sins’ power – in lives who apply it. To say there is addiction in the circles of believing people – is to deny Christ! I am not mocked, but you are deceived – for what you sow you will always reap! Where there is addiction – I am not there, for there is no freedom. Do you see? Who has depression? Who struggles with suicidal thoughts? These are all who have not understood truly what I have come to do! I always reveal to all who follow after Me what lies hidden, in My time and My way. But I will never, ever allow any to keep sin – so it brings them to places such as these. If you know that even right now you are practicing sin – you are walking not with Me and are on dangerous ground. Do not justify it to say it is so very small and insignificant. Come before Me now, repent of it – and follow after Me. Seek Me and I will grant to you grace as you live to obey Me. Understand that when your heart seeks its own, you walk out into the devil’s playground of sin. He waits for this so he may pounce upon you to lay hold of you. As with Cain, I granted My grace, but he chose the way of his own heart, and from it sprang murder. You too have many such things that can spring out of your heart, to bring you to your own destruction!
Be not deceived – for I am not mocked! My blood is not for any who would continue to walk in sin for to do so is to partake with the Father of sin. My blood cleanses and makes new all who desire to be cleansed from sin! To continue to sow to sin – is to reap not My life, but only death. There are so very many who live lives so cluttered, so filled with confusion, sorrow with no rest. It is only I that can take you and strip all that has you bound in such places. Oh, but do not treat Me as a quick fix! How many do I hear say these words: ‘but I prayed and God did not answer me!’ where they give up on Me to continue living their life of futility. No, it will be a walk where I take you day to day, to each knot, each tangle and broken place – one at a time so we may bring the healing and deliverance that My blood supplies. Some I give this to very quickly, for reasons I only hold, and for others it will be the journey I give to them. Understand though, you will be covered in My peace, and My power – as we walk together to your freedom. Nothing compares to My Spirit dwelling with you and you will taste and see that the Lord is truly good.

So the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.” Gen 4:6,7

For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.’ Lev 17:11
If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us. 1 John 1:8-10

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