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Power Grid Warning: THEY WILL TURN OFF THE LIGHTS – Gwendolen Song


June 10, 2020
Gwendolen Song

Auto Generated Transcript:

good morning brothers and sisters in
Christ Jesus this is sister Gwendolyn
song and I greet you in the name of the
Lord Jesus Christ this morning I want to
share a Rhema word with you about the
power grid going down in the USA first
I’m going to read a passage the Lord
asked me to read

John 15 verses 18 through 25
if the world hates you you
know that it hated me before it hated
you if you were of the world the world
would love its own yet because you are
not of the world but I chose you out of
the world therefore the world hates you
remember the word that I said to you a
servant is not greater than his master
if they persecuted me they will also
persecute you if they kept my word they
will keep yours also but all these
things they will do to you for my name’s
sake because they do not know him who
sent me
if I have not come and spoken to them
they would have no sin but now they have
no excuse for their sin he who hates me
hates my father also if I had not done
among them the works which no one else
did they would have no sin but now they
have been seen and also both hated by me
and my father but this happened that the
word might be fulfilled which is written
in the law they hated me without a cause

now I’m going to share this Rhema
message and before I do that the Lord
had given me of
this morning and in the vision there was
a little child a small child who had a
tracheostomy tube and he required a lot
of medical attention the kind of medical
attention that necessitates having
electricity and so what the Lord was
showing me is that many people who are
receiving medical care in their homes
will have to go to the hospitals to
continue on with their medical care all
right –

my dearest children who are upon
the earth at the greatest time in the
history of mankind children what you are
seen on your TV’s in computer screens is
not reality much of it is staged drama
it is the folly of demons and their High
Council let me repeat that again much of
it is not real they have a High Council
they have their chess pieces all across
the earth to do their bidding while
behind the scenes they watch your
responses and test your resolve I want
to elaborate on one of their plans this
day I want to share with you that in the
days ahead they will turn off all of the
electricity to the USA it is a test
dearest ones it is their way of showing
that they have the upper hand I want to
prepare many of you for this time let me
stress this point today dearest ones
there are many of my children who will
not be able to plan for this event and I
will have my holy angels watching over
you in your various situations but for
those of you who are able-bodied I am
speaking to you I want you to make sure
that you have six weeks of water on hand
begin making preparations now I want you
to have the ability to make a small fire
to boil water
and keep yourselves warm you may need to
have more thermal clothing I want you to
be able to be somewhat comfortable and
yet at the same time to be able to
preach my gospel message to those that I
send to you it is wise to practice
living without electricity
dearest ones practice what situations
you will encounter practicing what
situations you will encounter will help
you to transition through this time
better expect to be helping others if I
have given you the means expect to be
fasting and sharing your resources with
others also I am speaking on this event
because it is the kindness of the
Father’s heart please hear your Lord and
Savior this day begin making
preparations now Lord Jesus the maker of
heaven and earth all right so friends
that’s the message from the Lord and I
want to just remind everyone the two
greatest Commandments that sum up all
the prophets and the Ten Commandments
and that is to love the Lord thy God
with all thy heart all thy soul and with
all thy mind and to do unto others as
you would have others do unto you
alright that’s it for now have a great
day in the Lord Shalo

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  1. Anna

    I don’t want to be rude or disrespectful, but the golden rule is not the second greatest commandment, although if you do the second commandment, you will end up practicing the golden rule. The second is to love your neighbor as yourself. I point this out only because you can practice the golden rule without loving your neighbor. I have taught my children to practice the golden rule, but recently I have had to change to teaching them to love their neighbor as them selves as they have figured out all kinds of ways to be selfish and unkind and still be technically following the golden rule!

  2. Marc

    Sadly this word, will go over the head’s of Christ believer’s, who the majority won’t care to prepare, for themselves or anyone else physically…they say it’s unfaithful to prepare….lazy, uncaring, tight with money.
    Forget Noah and Joseph…. actions.
    Forget actions like the ant described in scripture, we are to be like….in preparing.
    God help our understanding of the time’s we are in….amen

  3. Robert E

    Anna, I had the same comment, plus the translation given “if I had not done
    among them the works which no one else
    did they would have no sin but now they
    have been seen and also both hated by me
    and my father” has inserted the word “by” saying the Father and the Son hates them. No translation that I checked says hated BY me and my father. Rather, it is the world hating them.

  4. cornelldebeer

    Seen a couple prophecies that said NOT to stock up and one saying God will take the food away from those that is greedy, bulk buy. I don’t mean anything bad mentioning this, it IS possible to hear wrong. But.

    I think it is VERY WISE to prepare and if WE don’t need the food, it is there for others. Not everyone can afford to stock up.

    Thank you for this message, blessings.

  5. Geert

    Look at the signs you wil know to stock up before things starts or not.
    What if you have to leave your house so much for stocking up.
    Why would anyone say leave the food for them that is in the world that hates you. They will take without caring and kill without worrying.
    When things start they will come for every house and kill steal and distroy.
    You will leave with the close on your back and trust God for guidance like exodus.

  6. ivan dimitrov


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