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June 30, 2019

There is a grave prophecy coming to the United States of America. This word was given a few weeks ago but I decided to wait, and indeed it has come again. It is very serious and we have to pray for the mercy of God to avoid the fulfilment of this word.

American nation, land of the blind, home of the deaf. YOUR LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT TO BE INTERRUPTED. I see a short dagger come from the hand of conspirators, and the American leadership is cut short before its time. I see the people fighting each other because of this; American brothers turn against one another because of this event. War will come to this country as a direct consequence of this brutal act. It may not happen immediately, but just as we are taught that the cause of WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, when he was killed it triggered a chain reaction that set the whole world on fire, so also will the consequences flowing from this ‘interruption in term’ have its own repercussions.

I see the face of a man sitting on a big grey throne in the capital city of Washington DC. This is an honourable man much loved by Americans. But in his time somebody shot him because they disagreed with his leadership; they disagreed with his policy of FREEING SLAVES and how it hurt the Southern states who relied on slave labour to function. As a result his leadership was interrupted by a bullet; his term was cut short. He was not killed by one man- one man pulled the trigger but it was the work of many who agreed that he had to die because he wouldn’t listen to them when they said he should stop emancipation. I repeat,President Lincoln’s POLICIES GOT HIM KILLED, not personal vendettas or hatred of him personally. This is crucial to understanding this message.

I see Abraham Lincoln alive and well, looking at me from his big grey throne in the Capitol- his eyes are kind but tired; he looks at me like- “So what’s new? They did it to me, didn’t they? They have done it before, they will do it again.” He is a living human being when he communicates this thought to me, but then he turns back to stone and looks out over the Washington monument; he’s looking but I know his eyes don’t see anything anymore.

America, there is an agreement to shoot the president and after that the hand of the conspirator will fall heavily on this country.Conspirators will surge forward to plug the gap.I repeat and reveal to you by the spirit of the Lord, the ones you see rushing forward and scrambling to fill the gap, the ones who rush forward with solutions, ideas, suggestions,thoughts, platforms, reinstatement plans, and REPLACEMENT STRATEGIES, are the ones who have done this thing. Whether they do it as a total group, or whether it’s just a few among them, when you see them spill forward in a feeding frenzy, like water surging in a river, you have seen the ones who planned and did this thing.

This is the word of the Lord: The American leadership is going to fall and crumble like a bag of bricks, and an eddy (a strong pool of water) will swirl forward to fill the gap. I see this eddy of water washing away the blood of the man who was killed away- his death will be almost LOST in the noise of SUCCESSION PLANNING. IS ANYONE HERE WITH ME RIGHT NOW? In a nation as modern, hip and cool as this one, why speak of succession? This is 2019. (Let your mind be fully engaged as you read this message, think outside the box. Prophecy is layered and complicated, the way it needs to be deciphered in Isaiah is sometimes exactly what we have to do in real life.)

There is no such thing as SUCCESSION in a modern day republic. That is for the United Kingdom, Monaco, those nations that have KINGS. There are no kings in America. But here in America you will see a curious novelty in the 21st century- the planning of SUCCESSION. THEY WILL SUGGEST A FOLLOW UP LEADER INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING THE PROTOCOLS OF THE REPUBLIC. THEY WILL WANT TO “PICK” SOMEONE INSTEAD OF HAVING ELECTIONS OR VOTES OR CONTINGENCY PLANNING AS IT IS WRITTEN.

The American constitution has become a joke: I see it in shreds, and every “Liberty” on it is being erased by an invisible pen. The words are erasing backward on the old parchment document from the bottom up; they are flying off the page when erased until all that’s left at the very top is part of the Preamble- WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT:

Below that sentence there is nothing left.

The conspirator has struck you America. You don’t feel it yet; you were numbed with Novocaine fully before you were struck. Entertainment, toys, gadgets, games, Hollywood, Netflix, Hulu, theme parks, amusement parks, easy money, fast spending, credit cards, kiddies rides, fast food, bad food, TV, no exercise, porn sites, having affairs, so many things have bloated you and slowed you down. MADE YOU UNAWARE.The conspirators have kicked you a deadly blow but you have not noticed.

I see a man kicking down the support structures underneath an edifice, a big “thing”, maybe a ship, maybe a building. He is walking along under it KICKING VERY HARD and every wooden support goes “kraaak!!”and splits in two and falls, a perfect kick. On to the next, and the next and the next. There are only a few supports left and when he kicks them he will walk away cleanly on the other side, unharmed, he will not stay to be crushed underneath. (Readers, PAY ATTENTION AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING SHOWN HERE, USE WISDOM TO APPLY IT TO A MODERN DAY SCENARIO). He will not stay to be crushed underneath the falling structure- having kicked all the support out he will stand free and clear and watch the edifice smash down to the ground to be destroyed by itself. Workers and actors within America have worked to bring her down, and now the triggers for the greater events that will officially end the U.S.A. have to be pulled– somebody’s gotta pull the trigger and this is one of the biggest ones they have.

The death blows that the Lord God has struck the United States are already great. Here they are, one by one they will all appear, though some are already here- Fire. Flood. Famine. Poverty. Loss. Economic downturn. Homelessness. Devastation. Calamity. WOES. Fire from the sky. Fire from the bombastic or ballistic weapon. Fire from the nuclear or radioactive weapon. Slavery. Molestation. RAPE. VIOLATION, WOES. Hunger. Mourning. Tears of sorrow, desolation and wretchedness. WOES, WOES, WOES. But now another blow is coming and the Lord will allow it unless we PRAY!

This ends the prophetic word of the Lord.

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