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July 18, 2022 1:07 PM
Averine Pennington


I don’t think I have ever been impressed to do this before, but after reading John Shorey’s newsletter this morning, the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance 2 dreams I received on 9-24-21. I posted these dreams on January 1, 2022 on this site. The first one was entitled, “From The Sea . . . It Comes.” Back then, I had no idea what the dream was warning of. I could only speculate on its interpretation. Today, the confirmation has been revealed to me. The ‘Poseidon’ weapon now possessed in Russia’s submarine arsenal is what I saw.

It will ‘COME FROM THE SEA’ as a ‘SUDDENLY!’ I don’t even know how to warn against such an event! There is no way to prepare for the devastation that will be unleashed! There will be no escape! For those in its path . . . your only hope is JESUS!

See dream excerpt below:

Then, I had a Flash Vision of the beach with many people playing in the surf at the waters edge. Suddenly, this humongous ‘THING FROM THE SEA ???’ . . . bigger than the great white shark that was in the movie ‘Jaws,’ rose out of the sea and CATAPULTED with great speed, moving like a giant torpedo across the shallows. It did not stop upon reaching land, but rather continued its trek far inland and just kept right on going! I’m not sure if it was a ‘live creature’ or ‘some sort of weaponized technology’ but WHATEVER IT WAS HAD ‘EVIL INTENT.’ It devoured everything in its path.

End of Dream.

I did not receive any interpretation for this dream, but I sensed there is GRAVE DANGER brewing that will come from the sea. I don’t know if it is of this earth or from some ‘other-worldly’ source. Whatever this danger represents . . . storm, tsunami, war, alien invasion, asteroid strike . . . who knows??? Could it perhaps even relate to the beast of Rev. 13 ‘rising from the sea?’ (I don’t know what it means!) Whether literal or symbolic . . . when this arrives, I believe it will be SUDDENLY and WITHOUT WARNING! Please pray about this and let the Holy Spirit interpret. I’m just sharing the dream.

May our hearts be ready and our ‘spiritual houses’ in order for whatever the future holds. Great judgment comes upon America! It will not be a slap on the wrist . . . but a double-portion of God’s fierce anger (Rev. 18:6, Rev. 16:19b).

The second dream in that post, received consecutively on the same night was entitled, “A Shelter in the Storm.” I believe this was God’s way of telling His children that He is able to make a way when there seems to be no way. He is our refuge and our fortress (Ps. 91:1-2; Ps. 61:1-4; Ps. 57:1-2). He is mighty to save (Ps. 71:1-3; Is. 63:1)! He is mightier than the waves of the sea (Ps. 93:4).

Ps. 9:10 – “And they that know Thy name will put their trust in Thee; for Thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek Thee.”

Ps. 33:20-22 – “Our soul waiteth for the LORD: He is our help and our shield. 21) For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name. 22) Let Thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in Thee.

Yours for the Harvest . . . Averine

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