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Portals of Time

December 15, 2023 11:12 AM

The rippling of the waves, the undulating of the Earth, the explosions blast into the sky, the winds categorically changing the Earth, the sky exploding in light, the Lord shows his might.
The universe is molded with God’s hands for God’s picture of future events are on course to happen. Be ready for the trials and tribulations you will soon face.

Time slips through the portals of time, now going faster and faster till our destination is met. Each route that brings one to their destination is littered with sins that can adhere to one’s body or not. Like burrs that stick to the fabric of your soul, each child must navigate around them, being careful not to pick them up, along the way.
Each child must learn the right way or the wrong way to conduct their lives. Until they do, some of the paths they take can be dangerous to their souls. Life needs to be looked at from many different angles with a magnifying glass. For there are many secrets that can be revealed when looking closely at each learning situation. Your earthly stay contains these lessons and choices. All choices collectively, become who you are and what Kingdom you belong to. I Am there to guide you along the way, if you so choose.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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