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Ponder God’s Sorrow At The Loss Of His Children

May 20, 2020
Only a Grain of Sand

Jesus wept tears of His Sacred Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane, the night before he died on the Cross. The sorrow of His Heart, as He saw all those in the future, who would choose eternal death over life eternal with Him, in Heaven.

Yes, the human part of the God/Man, was in mortal fear of His advancing torture and death by Crucifixion. But the Divine side of His Incarnation, saw clearly all the peoples down through the rest of time. Those for whom His Sacrifice and Death not only meant nothing, but who would be lost forever to their Creator God.

Ponder His Sorrow! His broken Heart, which caused Him to sweat Blood over His whole Body. As He knelt in the garden that night. He was resolved to do the Will of His Father, and drink the cup of expiation, to its dregs. No man or woman can truly understand, the depth of His sorrow and sadness, at the loss of so many of His Children.

How be it, you can shed tears at the loss of a loved one, but God The Father, His Son and The Holy Spirit have had to watch and grieve as millions of their own Children have, and will be lost forever. Ponder His Sorrow!

For the Triune God can not be divided. Neither will He disrespect His Gift of the human will, to each of his children at birth. From all eternity He knew Adam and Eve would rebel. Then their sons and daughters, who would join the Fallen Angels and try and storm Heaven in the generation of Nimrod, and the Tower of Babel.

So this generation is the last one to try the same. The final generation to erect another Tower of Babel (a technological construct of diabolical origin and murderous genetic deviance). A just God, a patient Father, a sorrowful Creator.

It Is Finished! The Time Is Now! Ponder His Sorrow!

Note: This message came over me like a ton of bricks, I shed tears as I wrote. God let me know I experienced a small part of His sorrow, if I was to absorb all the pain He feels at the loss of so many of His Children, down through the ages, I would have expired immediately. Repent Now … Do Not Wait For Tomorrow, You May Not Be Given Tomorrow Sons And Daughters Of The Most High God!

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