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Poem: THE WORD OF GOD – Rachael Mushala Chisulo


Rachael Mushala Chisulo

I was in my office at my workplace reading the bible,after I was done,suddenly I felt the Presence of God fill the office in a very powerful way.
Then I heard the Lord say,”write
I didn’t know what the Lord wanted me to write,but I knew it was a poem.
Again,He repeated and said,”write
so I opened my computer and as soon as I was ready to type what He said, The Lord Jesus began dictating the poem to me.
I was writing it word for word,I didn’t have to go over any sentence,or rephrase it in any way,I just wrote everything once,just the way He was dictating,all the way to the conclusion and the verse.
I just thought it was necessary to include this background.


The word of God will endure forever.

Without time and without limit.

After all is said and done,the word of God will still stand.

After all has passed away,it will still be standing firm and unshaken.

After every book has passed away and is forgotten,

The word of God will still be fresher than any page ever written,

Fresher than any page ever read.

It’s Truths still timeless no matter the generation,

Its Truths still unchanging, its Truths still resounding

Louder than any anthem ever sang.

In the memories of the damned,it is a Truth they wish they could still hear and heed to.

To the redeemed,it is a Truth they are glad they heeded to.

To those on earth,it is The Truth calling them to salvation.

Yet,ignored by many,

Unnoticed by many.

Regardless of how many choose to ignore

Regardless of how many refuse to give heed,



And let all who proclaim the name of our God Jesus Christ depart from ALL iniquity.

He is a HOLY God.

H-O-L-Y is His name, and it is impossible for Him to excuse your sin and let you into Heaven.

Repent while you still have the chance.

Turn to God now with weeping ,wailing, and mourning.

Heed the word of God while you still have this privilege.

Only God’s word will remain forever.

The world may not view what you are wearing as too short,but that doesn’t mean God sees it the same way.

The world may think you are righteous and going to heaven,but that doesn’t mean that’s how God sees you.

Turn to God with weeping and mourning,for He will have compassion.

Whoever calls on the name of The Lord will be saved.
Joel 2:1-32 is what The Lord Jesus Christ is saying right now


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