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Podcast: How To Know When the End Will Come – Signs of the End – Glynda Lomax 

How To Know When the End Will Come – Signs of the End – Glynda Lomax

Published on Mar 28, 2018

Everyone wants to know when the end will come. How can we know when it is really the end?
In this message, I share how you really can know when it is the end.
This podcast also includes a word of knowledge for an unknown listener…

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  1. Sarah sandoval

    Please pray for me im seeking answers

  2. Prophetess Dottie

    MATTHEW 24: 4-14

    “Jesus told them– DON’T LET ANYONE FOOL YOU. For many will come claiming to be the MESSIAH, and will lead many astray. When you hear of wars beginning, this DOES NOT signal MY RETURN; THESE MUST COME– BUT THE END IS NOT YET. The nations and kingdoms of the earth will rise against each other and there will be FAMINES and EARTHQUAKES IN MANY PLACES. But this will be only the beginning of the HORRORS TO COME.

    Then you will be TORTURED and KILLED and hated ALL OVER THE WORLD because you are MINE. And Many of you shall FALL BACK INTO SIN–AND BETRAY AND HATE EACH OTHER.

    And many FALSE PROPHETS will appear and lead many astray. SIN WILL BE RAMPANT— EVERYWHERE– and will cool the LOVE OF MANY. But those enduring to the END shall be SAVED.

    And the GOOD NEWS (GOSPEL) about the KINGDOM will be PREACHED throughout the WHOLE WORLD, so that ALL NATIONS will HEAR IT— and then finally, THE END WILL COME”

    In this END TIME SEASON–we are witnessing these perilous and traumatic events! Jesus reminds HIS listeners that these things MUST COME to past– but there is a “WORD OF KNOWLEDGE” for ALL Born Again and Holy Spirit Filled Believers; recorded in this New Testament Book & Chapter– He said, that the GOOD NEWS (The GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM) — MUST BE PREACHED throughout the WHOLE WORLD— so that peoples in every nation can “HEAR” it!

    ROMANS 10: 14-17

    “But HOW shall they ask Him (Jesus Christ) to SAVE THEM unless they believe in HIM? And how can they believe in HIM if they have never HEARD about HIM? And how can they HEAR about JESUS unless someone TELLS THEM?


    “THE END”– CAN NOT COME— until every person has HEARD THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM–

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