Please Help Patti During This Time of Healing

Please Help Patti During This Time of Healing


Patti Young needs our help. She has been in an extended  health crisis for the past several months which has left her incapacitated. She has been hospitalized numerous times and is currently bed ridden. The doctors have said there isn’t anything that they can do for her directly other than prescribe her drugs to make her as comfortable as possible and allow the healing process to continue.


Unfortunately, in this current state she has not been able to work and has had to rely on her credit cards, savings and family to provide the needed support. Though her insurance covers some of the costs to the health and home care she is receiving, much of it has come out of pocket along with her additional living expenses.


Currently the avenues of provision have run out and there is great need. Although initially against raising money through Gofundme, she has agreed this seems to be the only option at this point. She has tried to get on disability but the conditions with her work at the time of this crisis have made it difficult.

The cost of living along with the home health care and pt, adds up quickly but she has made progress since receiving this help. It’s necessary that she continue getting this assistance so that she can heal and recover fully.

Please prayerfully consider helping Patti at this pivotal time in her life. It has been very hard for her to be in the place that she has with her health but it’s been even harder for her to be there needing to ask for help like this. Let’s help her get back to that place of strength and health that she had before.  Thank you all in advance


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