Please check your relationship with Me seriously! – A sister in Christ from China

Please check your relationship with Me seriously !

April 6, 2020 11:35 AM
A sister in Christ from China
Translated by: Ruth Smith

Received the message on 4-4-20:

My dear children, so many of you have wasted too much time, when this epidemic situation happens, when the whole country is sealing the cities, have you ever thought about who is in control behind this?

It is I who has created a time for you that you don’t have to be so busy for the world, but when you are not busy, where are your hearts?

When you were so busy for the world before this, you would say you don’t have time to come to Me because of the busy works, but while you are in this situation that you are not busy for the world any more, where are your hearts? How many hours you have spent with Me daily?

This is the best time to establish an intimate relationship with Me, but many of you let the time slip away in vain. Everyday you are busy with all kinds of pastimes, cellphones, the Internet, meaningless gossip to occupy your precious time.

You people, if you don’t try your best to seek Me while you still can find Me, then you will regret in the coming days!

It is in such circumstances that your foundation in Me becomes more apparent, each one of you really need to think about where your foundation is? Is it firm? There will be a day when you can no longer get any true teaching on earth, and still have to face a variety of circumstances, can you really stand by then?

Let Me tell you, those have not established a real relationship with Me, they won’t stand at all. Did I not say, even My elect will be deceived in these last days?

Only those already have an intimate relationship with Me, they will overcome all circumstances, because they know I will be with them in any circumstances!

My dear children, wake up quickly, never slumber again, go check your relationship with Me seriously.

Relevant Scriptures:

1 Chronicles 16:11

Psalm 14:2

Isaiah 9:13

Jeremiah 29:13

Lamentations 3:25

John 12:35

Original Chinese Version:


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