Play time is over awaken my children! – Angela García

Play time is over awaken my children!

April 15, 2022 10:48 PM
Angela García
Abide my children I AM the only way to the Father ♥️ My love is everlasting and TRUE! ♥️

Rcv’d 4/14

Pray for discernment, understanding and revelation (Acts 2:17)

Shout from the roof tops, Abide in the Lord the only way, truth and life! Have I not said you cannot make it without me?! They know not the damage of not abiding under the shadow of the Almighty! Repent I say I call for a repentant heart. I seek, what will I find? Can no one stay awake?! I tell you I came to save my people but few have stayed the coarse! Awaken my lost sheep! The Shepard seeks the hearts so cold and lost. Awaken my children before you die in your iniquities! Yes to die the ultimate death to eternal damnation! I AM the only way! Listen with your heart, open those eyes Abide in my word the one way I can pierce those hearts. My way is the ONLY way. Seek now children time is oh so short, it all comes tumbling down. Do not be a casualty when you could be covered and a fortress helping the lost! My children awaken to the times! My children are yelling from the rooftops!!! Understand the times you are living. There is no longer time to play but to seek and seek with all your heart! NOW is that time! I came that you would have life in abundance. Understand what I give…Peace, love and happiness everlasting life! My abundance is not of this world. Stop playing in this world. Play time is over awaken my children!

I come with an everlasting love, love you cannot comprehend. My ways are not your ways! Be mine! Seek now while I may be found!

Yeshua Hamashiach

The Great I AM

Jesus Messiah

The Great I AM


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