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Planet X/Nibiru – Anonymous

Planet X/Nibiru

Aug 26, 2019, 7:23 PM

The point is not to prove that it’s real but how focusing on the situations (chaos) around us when it happens can make fear to easily enter into your heart!!!

I was having a dream within a dream which was unique but in that dream, i was in a car with my roommate and he was driving and there was 2 people in the backseat that I did not know. I was talking to them about how Planet X/Nibiru was gonna get really close to Earth and its gravitational force would affect our atmosphere and they all didn’t believe me so I said look out the window and so they all looked out their windows and looked up to the sky and beautiful rainbow colors started to form fractures in the sky in hundreds of spots along with being able to see the Planet X/Nibiru … The whole time I didn’t look out the window for I was able to see what the sky looked like in my minds eye (it was impressed upon me that I was not to look at the sky at all and I’m not to look at or focus on situations around me so I was able to see it with my eyes closed using my minds eye instead)… When we got home I went next door to my neighbors house and he was on the phone and i asked him if he seen the sky and he said no and then he looked at the sky and he freaked out (it was impressed on me that many many people was so grossly involved in their lives that they had no idea what was happening in the sky or what was coming and that fear would be extremely great) … The point of this is that focusing on increasing chaos/situations around you when it does happen and  looking in the sky while it is ongoing will cause fear to easily enter into your heart and makes it soooooo much harder to get back on the path.. Its like Peter when he walked on water to meet Jesus but then he started to focus on the storm and then started to drown (Took his eyes off his Lord) Trust in the Lord for he can never fail you for not only is He a Warrior, a Defender but also The Prince of Peace!!!

Dont let thoughts and feelings become your center of focus for then you’re no longer focused on the Lord



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