Pandemics, Prophecy



Oct 6, 2019


Daughter speak , plague and pestilence will sweep through the nation’s streets. The odor of death will fill the cities. The dead bodies will cover the land.The authorities will not be able to keep up with burials. They will begin mass graves and burnings to halt the spread of the epidemic. Many will be under house arrest and will be unable to travel freely. Towns quarantined. No one will be allowed in or out. Martial law will be declared, Food and water shortages will begin. The nation’s people’s wil! blame the immigrants for the plague and begin to attack and kill them in an effort to protect their families from death and stop the spreading disease. Daughter tell my children the plague has already begun and the people have not been told. Prepare I come quickly.

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  1. Sally Merrell

    Why don’t we all just kill ourselves and let it be??? The Bride of Christ is going to need psychiatric help if she ever makes it to heaven. Poor Jesus is going to be stuck with a real pain in the you know where to have to deal with. Yes, we know things are going to turn to crap and already are but can we please try to enjoy Jesus and love and worship Him and forget all this horse manure that’s spewing forth?

  2. Rita

    This article is from the Global News, August 8, 2017.

    “Canadian government asks funeral homes to prep for pandemic”

  3. Cheryl

    People will demonstrate before a Holy God if they fear Him or not, by their actions and words.

  4. Welle

    we can t kill our self’s because this is a crime and sin . Yes focus on LORD JESUS not on negative stuff …. from my experience .
    may God Lord Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach tell you what to do and do it amen.

  5. Brandon J

    There’s no need for psychiatric help when so called bad news blows in from our beat up watchman and prophets. Those who are called to weather this storm and walk in it have their eyes fixed on the prize WHILE discerning warnings from our God. Happy go luckies need not apply :).

    To die and ruin and suffering and the high calling of Jesus Christ we go. From glory to glory on His wings. Through failing and falling and getting beat up by my own spiritual family members….onward. Have no fear of the midnight bells now ringing.

  6. Sally, the Bride of Christ don’t need psychiatric help because she is prepared for what is coming but the world and the lukewarm christians will need psychatric help because they are not prepared. You musst decide, if you want to belong to the Bride of Jesus or not?
    Jesus said: who overcomes….

  7. trisha

    There’s talk of a global crop failure at present. Economy/markets are not good, global slowdown, repo, drying up liquidity and qe4, retraction in markets. And just look at the job markets, so many layoffs! War front don’t look pretty either at present. It’s gonna get bad out there. There is a few

  8. Dave

    More than anything LOOK AT DATE AND PHOTO IT very clear it is the coronavirus

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