Pick up your cross and follow me – Krystal Beall

Pick up your cross and follow me

Feb 22, 2020
Krystal Beall

Night has fallen and midnight blankets the earth in gross darkness as the vast majority of humanity sleeps. Deception has been cast as a net, in whom many are entangled and ensnared, caught up in. I AM not known. Many are oblivious as they walk blindly on the broad path to be met with destruction. All is not the same. Everything has changed and is changing.

I grieve that I was rejected in America. I grieve in the cruelty I received and continue to do so in America. My lamentations echo the fallen nation of America.

Few are they who hear the Good Shepherds mournful cries. Flooded with sin is the earth. Immorality is found in all four corners. Sin is accepted and lived out by so many. Even those who profess my name with their lips, hearts are far from me. My kingdom is not of this world. Come out. Be separate from this world. Friendship with the world is emnity with me. I AM the way. The Truth. The life. Deny yourself. Pick up your cross and follow me. Strive to enter in the strait gate. The way unto eternal life is narrow. Few be that find it. Self denial. Humility. Meekness. A servants life. A life of sacrafice. Love. All who follow me will suffer persecution. Will be hated, despised, rejected and for some it will cost them their lives. Following after me.

Great are the rewards of these souls. Great. One can not fathom the rewards. I have prepared a place that where I Am ye may be also. I AM faithful. I AM true. I have made all things new. Do you believe this? Do you trust me? Do you love me? I travail as a woman in labor to be delivered. The pains increasing in severity and duration. The hour of delivery has come. The ring of fire. Crowning. Blood. Water. The cry of pain turned into life.

Oh generation of selfishness and greed. Filled with all things of man. In awe of the craftiness of the cunning one. The great fire shall melt all away that is against me. All that is an abomination and offense to me. Grace. Mercy. Recompense. Pain and wrath. I have heard your prayers for lost loved ones. I have listened. I have answered. It is always my pleasure and desire to shower grace and mercy upon souls in whom I gave up my life for. In whom I have suffered and suffer for.

One can not fathom the level of my sorrow. One can not fathom the glory of it all. My glory. Look up. Keep watch. Pray. For I AM with you. Behold I come quickly. I AM in the midst of thee. Let not your heart be afraid, Let it not be troubled. I have overcome the world. I Heal. I restore. I rebuke. I chasten all whom I love. Repent. I resurrect. I AM the resurrection. Trust me. Lean not on your own understanding. I AM bringing all things into completion.

In the twinkling of an eye. Everything changes. Twinkle. A flaming sword removed. Hurled and harvested. An open door. A trumpet. Rushing waters. River of life. Hunger and thirst no more. Done with me. The last first. The first last. Oh generation. How you vex and grieve me. How I love you still. How you have fallen so far from me, how sad that many, so many are blind. Great is my compassion. Severe my correction. Vindication. The tears of the Holy one. Garden of delights.

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