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Author of The Pharisee Factory book by Glenn Garvin

Pharisees & Sadducees: Ego & Pride Overtook Them

September 22, 2023 10:18 AM


As I was upon this Earth, I saw many who thought they were educated and knew all the rules and customs that were expected of them. Some made a livelihood expounding on all that some did wrong and how they should improve. They were always boisterous and loud and never knew when to quit. These were the Pharisees and Sadducees, and they made my life difficult and hard to get around without their constant input and direct attacks. They did what they thought was right, but I knew it was their ego and pride causing their behavior.
As my life came to a close, I knew these learned men would continue on with rules and protocols that were not important. Most were man made rules that they thought were important to their faith but were actually feeding their pride. These men still exist to this day. Nothing has changed and it’s over 2000 years.


Men find themselves in seats of importance, which helps to elevate who they are in both their own mind as well as others. They prop themselves up with their elegant words, words of wisdom and claim their viewpoint is the correct one and others should listen to elevate themselves to their levels.
Whether they are right or wrong, is not important, it is who will listen. Will it be the rich man who can pay for their advice, or will it be a beggar down the way who has nothing to give? The more prestigious their audience, the more rules that they create.
Pride, arrogance, self-idolation are what these men thrive on. These are not men that should be idolized but should be pitied for their own lack of self-worth. They are empty shells that need others to puff them up. Those who think they know it all, are lost, without their constant bantering of advice and so-called wisdom.



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