Warning, Economic Collapse, Famine, Pandemics, War

pestilence = economic collapse = famine = war – Elizabeth Marie

pestilence = economic collapse = famine = war

March 4, 2020
Elizabeth Marie


A few years ago I received a highly prophetic dream that the LORD brings back to me on different occasions. Though it was published through z3news.com back 2017, I believe that I am again to share it because of its possible relevance for today.


In this dream I was in a restaurant. I was sitting at the counter with people next to me on both sides. I had a large mug in front of me. Out of nowhere I saw bundles of coins falling from the ceiling into the mug. They just kept falling and falling, as if the mug had no bottom to it! There was quite a commotion around me concerning this mug and everyone was watching in astonishment. This made the manager/owner take notice and he came over. When he saw what was happening, he grabbed the mug in anger, and walked away with it. It was then that I woke up.

I then went back to sleep, and I found myself back in the same dream. However, this time, I saw the same cup, but instead of coins being dropped into it, there was a small human skeleton coming from the ceiling and fell right into the cup. END OF BOTH DREAMS INTERPRETATION:

There are different kinds of ‘CUPS’ in the Bible. One of them is a CUP OF BLESSING. The money that kept falling into the bottomless mug represents this prosperity that has been with Stock Market and the economy in the last few years.

The manager/owner who comes and takes away the mug, represents the enemy, satan. He wants to destroy the existing system so he can bring in his own sinister agenda and plans through the beast system.

The skeleton represents ‘death to the economy’ and what is coming.

4 things that the LORD has shown me over and over again prophetically are:

–pestilences –economic collapse –famine –war

What I did not realize, however, is that they were all connected like a puzzle….where they will consecutively fall like dominoes one right after the other! I believe that we might be seeing this in the near future!

Will the LORD allow these things to happen? I do believe that it is HIS people’s responsibility to repent, pray, fast and seek HIS face during these last days, as we see prophecy being fulfilled.

I also believe that we are entering into the days of rage with the enemy, and it will bring judgment to the earth. However, the LORD is faithful and true to HIS people, and will reserve for HIMSELF a remnant regardless of the enemy’s tactics.

So, what kind of people ought we to be during these times? We are to be WALKING IN THE SPIRIT, and not in the flesh; we are to be HOLY (SEPARATE), and not a part of this world; and we are to be LOVING and OBEYING the LORD in all things!

While writing this article, I was lead to share 2 Peter 3:11:

“Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives”









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