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Persevere Unto the End – Solitary Man

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Persevere Unto the End

May 16, 2023 12:31 PM
Solitary Man


My son, man cannot have only some evil. Man cannot decide to reject me, and then only choose to indulge in some rebellion and reject other manifestations of darkness. No, if you reject me, you embrace satan and all his ways. This is why the planet is spinning out of control. Did I not say that you cannot serve two masters?

Even as I have made clear in my word that those who follow me must love me with all their heart, so the enemy demands the same. This is why that now that the restrainer has been removed, the evil one is free to demand total allegiance to darkness.

This is why I have been sending my messengers for many years. This is what I promised would occur, should my people lose their zeal and devotion for me. Have I not warned time and time again? Even as true devotion to me produces an abundant harvest of righteousness, so true rejection of me produces an abundant harvest of death and destruction.

Things are now occurring that are too dark for some of my people to view even briefly, lest their souls be scarred. What you are seeing manifesting on earth is a reflection of what is occurring in the heavens. Even as Europe’s borders have been overrun in the past decade, so now North America’s borders are now wide open. This is a reflection of the fact that your lands are being overrun by demonic entities without number. You will now learn what it really means to be without a hedge of protection, which I had provided for many, many years.

Yet all is not lost. The power of prayer amongst the righteous is as effective as ever. Only understand that this is the great time of testing that has come to try all men upon the earth. For a season, your senses will scream that the promises are not true, that the word does not work. Do not give in. Do not give up. Perseverance and faithfulness will be your victory.

You have been called to endure some hard things, but be of good cheer, for my grace is more than sufficient for you. Trials are long, victories are sudden. Many of you have experienced this very thing, even several times.

Do not forget to encourage one another at every opportunity. You do not know whose life you may be saving with a timely word, or a sacrificial prayer.

Yes I am coming soon. Love one another, and cherish each other. Make the most of every opportunity while there is yet still time, as I am always with you, even until the very end.

2 Th 2:6-8, Rev 3:10, Heb 11:6, 2 Cor 5:7, Dt 3:28, Rev 22:20

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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