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Persecution Warfare – James Smith

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Persecution Warfare

May 7, 2023 3:17 AM
James Smith

I had two distinctly memorable dreams Friday night, which is rare for me. The first was more personal to my family, but this second one is for the rest of the Body of Christ in America, too.

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It was the dead of night at a busy train station on the edge of town, no moon was visible. I was working in the rail yard, using some kind of long tool to inspect the wheels and couplings and undercarriages of passenger cars making ready for departure; this pertains to the general focus of my calling, ministering in ground level fundamentals. I was aware that nearby, there were crowds of people preparing to board while I finished making these routine safety checks.

When I shortly completed them, I walked over to some other workers who had finished their tasks as well, expecting a conversation, but our gaze was turned upwards as flashes of light in the cloud cover began to dance before our eyes. Before the distant thuds and pops of explosive ordinance and automatic tracer fire from beyond the treeline reached our ears, the roaring fireball of a direct hit upon some large aircraft overhead, which began to quickly lose altitude, illuminated multiple other formations of planes nearby and suddenly the whole scene registered for us all, in unison—we were under attack by an invasion force by cover of darkness!

Panicked screams and shouting were heard from the station as we witnessed paratroopers emerge from the night at battle charge speed, from every direction; they wore black uniforms, black helmets and masks, wielding black rifles. I will not attempt to describe the combat which ensued, as I was spared from the graphic details myself, being made more “aware” of the violence than really experiencing it, directly. Somehow, despite the odds, the crowds of initially unarmed travelers gained the upper hand and ultimately repelled this first wave in minutes. Temporarily, the danger subsided with survivors simply trying to collect our wits.

Having participated in the action which spilled over into the station, I discarded the weapon I had captured in the dream and used up. Exiting once more to a parking lot, I saw a church bus before me with a couple of hysterical chaperones frantically trying to calm one another outside. The sounds of battle continued in the distance as I ran up to offer assistance and learned they had lost all their children in the chaos, which really distressed me. Just then, some yards away and taking advantage of the lull, a large group of scared pre-teens, maybe younger, ran across the lot for cover in a cornfield adjacent the train station. I immediately sprinted after to retrieve the youth group, but they moved quickly as a herd through the field; their smaller size more easily navigating the tall plants, but they were not difficult to follow by their noise.

On the far side of this crop, the tolling bell and blinking lights of a railroad crossing were activated only a moment before this speeding freight train came thundering through on the inbound track. The kids were narrowly cut off, but just as I managed to catch up to their terrified group, trying to get their attention, the field came alive all around with more hostile soldiers in black surrounding us – I awoke.

• night represents the lateness of the hour
• train station and passengers represent believers in Jesus making ready to depart this world; whatever their specific doctrine, they are in the right place at the right time, not running late.
• railroad staff are those of us w/ some current end times calling to finish
• air invasion may have a literal component one day soon, but before then I believe is now referring to a coming demonic assault from the lower heavens (severe persecution)
• ground fire may be the effectual efforts of true prayer warriors out there, but too little/too late(?)
• enemy soldiers represent the spiritual army of darkness and their overwhelming direct attacks
• brief victory demonstrates effectiveness of teamwork in spiritual warfare
• panicking chaperones exposes currently ineffective leadership in authority, who largely do not even seem to know what is in store for America in the very near future and will lose the sheep under their care in an emergency
• scared children representing babes in faith, running scared without responsible shepherds
• tall cornfield shows them essentially returning to the harvest field of the world when shaken and possibly a timeframe for these events (autumn?)
• thundering freight train seems to be unstoppable judgment pulling into town

Those who have made themselves ready or have current assignments they are faithfully attending to, will stand the better chance of enduring this coming warfare. Those who have been standing around, not attending the flock, will be severely shaken and basically sitting ducks. Immature believers are now at risk of falling away when hardships and persecution finally arrive, to their own peril. God’s judgment comes quickly and will soon block the escape route.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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