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Persecution to Come – Anonymous

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Persecution to Come

November 1, 2022 5:58 AM

english is not my native language

I had a dream where I saw planes in the sky and parachutes with people infiltrating the country. When I looked at the person who had just parachuted down near me, I saw that she was a woman from an Arab country, but I couldn’t tell which country she was from. I asked her which side she was on, and surprisingly she told me in her ear that she was part of the US-European . What surprised me in this dream was that I thought that the war had already started but that the media had hidden it from us.

What I would like to say is that I am a humanitarian and also a missionary and I travel around the world. Recently I went on a mission to release imprisoned Pakistani Christians from IDC in Bangkok, what surprised me was to discover that the Pakistani mulsumans had been released from prison by the United Nations but the Christians had not. It took the intervention of the American church and missionaries to pay their fine and get them out. Surprisingly, Pakistani Muslims are not persecuted in Pakistan but Christians are. So all the Muslim Pakistanis got the refugee status thanks to the United Nations but not the Christian Pakistanis who continue to hide in Bangkok and get only the status of asylum seekers since 19 years for some of them.

In the course of my work, I also noticed that some officials of the United Nations are Muslims… the same goes for the officials or VPs of NGOs whose names I will not mention to avoid being identified.

When I work at the United Nations from time to time I also notice that Christian NGOs receive less and less funding, one of my collegue clearly told me that he “hates those christian or faith based NGO and UNHCR tries everything to avoid allocate them funding”

More recently the comment of the King of England shocked me when he mentioned the Muslim religion as a source of wisdom. As a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, I deduce that there is a will of the political parties and the United Nations to infiltrate Muslims in the countries of the world and I am convinced that there is an agenda behind these hidden decisions which I see clearly when I am on mission.

Maybe the preparation of a unique religion ? maybe the use of the Muslim religion to stop the expansion of Christianity knowing that the Koran clearly states that Muslims who change their religion are punishable by death … knowing also that Muslims categorically refuse Jesus as the son of God (for them it is a blasphemy . …) and that it is difficult to speak openly about Jesus as the Christ the son of the living God, this makes them very angry because the MAIN verse of the muslim religion is “God has neither parents nor children” it is a verse that the muslims repeat at any time as the central verse of the Koran.

So one of the future persecutions that will happen to the Christian who will announce the gospel will be this one, to say who JESUS is will expose them to great persecutions knowing that the practicing Muslims reach now very important positions in the universe of the NGOs and the United Nations, that is what I have seen in the last 5 years.

I will remain anonymous for obvious reasons but I am sharing with you real facts that I have observed during my missions or my work for large NGOs in Africa and Thailand.

I also know that in the framework of my work some of these high officials participate in the franc maconne meetings and they are Muslims… there is an obvious link between the freemasonery and the Muslim religion. Once when I was reading my bible in a big 5 star hotel and having a coffee, I met the manager of that hotel who is Christian and he told me that the “big” ones of the United Nations and the NGOs (including my mission chief who is supposedly Christian) meet for secret meetings in the basement. They also financed the hotel to change the decoration by inserting maconic diagrams with flowers and shrubs at the entrance of the hotel. This is impossible to detect for the uninitiated. This is especially true in Central Africa where gold and diamonds are abundant and where the United Nations maintains a climate of conflict and does not contribute to the reconstruction of the country to justify its presence near these mines.
once i was invited to a meeting with the ambassador of the united states in central africa, he was to show us a video on the funding schedule planned for the next 5 years, at the start of the presentation he showed a pyramid and everything everyone lowered their heads and remained calm for 2 or 3 minutes, as if in prayer, I stayed to watch what was happening from left to right everyone was calm. I started to speak in tongues in my heart because I understood that it was a moment of devotion for all these free masons, I should never have been part of this meeting because it was my leader who was absent who sent me in his place. I was really shocked and very surprised, it was in broad daylight and in the eyes of all but I presume that those who were invited were specifically Freemasons.

What I am telling you is not only what the Lord has revealed to me but what I have seen with my own eyes. When I told my fellow Christians about it (I was working for a faith based NGO at the time), my mission leader gave me two written warnings and told me that this was the beginning of my problems… he said I had a big mouth that needed to be shut.

Fortunately the Lord gave me another job in another NGO. But in this new NGO, my head of mission asked me one day to go to a meeting of the United Nations and collect all the information on the internal conflicts (not revealed to the general public). I was then part of a meeting where a former minister (UK) asked me what my actions were from a programmatic point of view to promote reproductive health (in short how to reduce the population). he then asked me what was the number of children per family, I told him 8 per family and he got angry and pounded his fist. I was shocked

I told him that I was going to set up a training course/ sensitisation programm for reproductive health and that I was aware that the population had to be “reduced” (as I knew what he was getting at). Surprised by my answer, he asked my mission leader which country I came from and what interest my country had in being present in this specif country in Africa (where I am currently working …)

as If I was sent by my country to collect information and / or on a specific mission. He did not know I am sent by the Lord, I have to admit it really shaken me up to speak with this former Minister, I could sense a natural and strong spiritual autority, i was impressed and also scared a bit.

I am sharing all that with you, I kept those information for myself until now but those 3rd world countries are in trouble
if the country has ressources, (gold etc.) conflict will be maintain on purpose and UN will be in control to collect information and ressources, I had to fight to propose a house building project in this country as many people are still leaving in the bush after religious conflicts, surprisingly my mission chief asked me to focus on social cohesion training and football games for all the fundings I received … while children are not attending school and their parents have no houses ??. The projects held are not assisting the population but the population is kept in poverty on purpose. I had to buy myself a brick press and sent it to one of the village in need I visited, few months after I realised they build back many houses with that second hand brick presses (The lord advises me to do so) while none of the NGOs was prepared to work on those types of projects since they are following the UN guidlines suggested by the Amercan ambassador. My head of mission worked 3 years in this mission before becoming a minister in his country Rwanda. Some heads of NGO missions are not there by chance but they are mendates and are often freemasons and placed there for an agenda in each country.

your friend in Christ


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