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Persecution is REAL – Cherrie Archer


Persecution is REAL

October 19, 2021 10:53 AM
Cherrie Archer

I received this word this morning.

10-19-21 6:29am

I Am in the wind. My breath covers the land. My voice is carried to All souls, yet, how many will hear? Only those who spend time with Me and know My voice will respond to My instruction.

How many claim to know Me who read My word but refuse truth of what is to come that is documented.

How many hold tightly to My word, scriptures of wellness and joy but discard the warnings of the day.

My word tells all. My word does not hold back the hard times. When the writing on the wall says PEPARE! My word warns against eating, drinking, marrying and given in marriage as a way of ignoring what is to come.

Yet, how many move forward ignoring the very warning signs set before them? Many! Many who claim a relationship with Me continue on a destructive path and will not heed the warnings.

Woe is the man who claims to know Me, yet, does not know My voice. He picks and chooses scriptures to make himself feel better and disregards My instructions. An ill prepared man is unstable in all his ways. There is no balance to his beliefs. He will easily be toppled as the winds of change bring storms that destroy his theology of ‘grace’ ‘all is well’ ‘nothing can harm me’. These do not read My word for instruction, these disregard that those closest to Me were jailed, beaten and killed.

Persecution is REAL, do not doubt this. My word does not hold back, it does not declare all will be well on this earth. This earth is a testing ground. It is full of evil. To make it to heaven man must submit his will to Me. Man must hear My voice. Man must follow My leading. Do Not allow the evil one to lead you. Know My voice, know My word, know My Whole word. Do not pick and choose what you will believe. My word tells of good and bad to come.

My word tells of Heaven and Hell.

Rely only on Me. Many will say, I have cast out demons in Your name, I have healed the sick in Your name and I will say I never knew you, ye worker of iniquity.

ALL will be judged. Those righteous in their own hearts will perish, for pride goeth before a fall.

Many ask me why life has been so hard. Loss of family members, caring for the sick, lack of finances, always struggling while others flourish.

I tell you this, while in the struggles I blessed you. You spoke to Me daily, we have conversations that at times you believe are your own thoughts but it is I. Letting you know I hear, I AM with you, I know the struggle.

What you do not know is the warrior within you that is becoming battle hardened. The scriptures that come to mind easily for you, will be needed in battle. My word is your sword. KNOW IT. It is more powerful than any two edged sword. My word defeats the enemy of your soul, Quote It!

It is through struggle you are made stronger. Do Not doubt this.

Those who seem to have it all, many view themselves as ‘gods’ having achieved all they have on their own. Never giving glory to God, these will perish in sin of pride.

My word tells it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of God. The reason is simple, the rich man has made himself a ‘god’. There is only room for one god/God in a mans life. A rich man relies on his wealth to escape hardships. A poor man relies on Me daily.

Who do you believe will enter My kingdom? Those who place themselves above Me or those who invite Me into their lives?

Man is given choices throughout his life. Those choices bring man closer to Me or take man further from Me.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

The battle is on for souls daily. Armor Up! Read My word. A good soldier never goes into battle unarmed.

Now is the time you must fill your arsenal with My word to fight your enemy the Devil.

He roams about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. My word closes the mouths of the attackers. They become impotent at the sound of My word. Do Not doubt this.

Seek Me, you will find Me. Knock, My door is open unto thee.

I Am the way maker and you My child was born for such a time as this.



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