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Persecuted All That Refuse – Barbara Alexandria

Persecuted All That Refuse


November 27, 2020
Barbara Alexandria 

I had a dream not long ago (within the last two weeks) The covid vaccine came out and at first we were told that it was not mandatory. But not long after, so many places of business required proof of vaccination and everyone jumped on board with it, it basically became mandatory. All those who did not have it were looked down upon and persecuted. Those that didn’t want to get it, became more and more poor. They basically choked the wealth out of everyone who refused. This caused many to cave and start taking the vaccine. The poverty became very extreme and this went on for a long time. In this dream, I knew that I could not get the vaccine no matter what. It felt like it was the prophesied mark of the beast talked about in the book of revelation. It felt like it was one and the same.

On this note I will just state what I believe. I do believe that the vaccine, this mRNA vaccine damns your soul to hell by changing your DNA and taking you out of the image and likeness of God. Salvation is only for mankind and taking this vaccine changes you into a gmo, and you will no longer be in his image and likeness whether you feel any different or not, upon taking it.

The coming ID2020 is the final form/version. But I still believe it’s the vaccine that damns a person. The book of revelation is only 22 chapters long, and it covers YEARS of events, condensed and symbolism as well. I believe the (proof of) vaccine is the mark that will be required to conduct commerce and then it comes out in the quantum dot tattoo that can go in right hand or forehead. It’s still one and the same, just the evolution of it over the timeframe it is here.

Those are my thoughts and I would also bet my life on this. I’ve been studying and praying about this for a long LONG time. I will not be deceived or caught off guard. And to those who think you will have to deny Christ when you take it, you need to find that verse and read it- it doesn’t exist. The Bible says that “And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, WITH WHICH 👉HE DECEIVED THEM THAT HAD RECEIVED THE MARK OF THE BEAST 👈 Revelation 19:20

Now I ask, what better way to deceive everyone than to convince them that they need this vaccine to keep them safe and alive?!

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