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Perdition and Blaspheming the Holy Spirit – Olasubomi Williams

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Perdition and Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

January 27, 2024 5:55 PM
Olasubomi Williams

I dreamt that I was with my brother and as I was about to use my computer, I noticed that my computer was infected with the bonzy virus(A malware that automatically deletes your file and corrupts the software in your system). This malware was so terrible that it basically destroyed my laptop. I asked what happened to it and then my younger brother told me that while I slept, he installed a software which turned out to be the malware when I specifically told him not to touch my laptop while I was sleeping. I woke up from the dream, took my phone and the first thing I saw on my Instagram was a message about a man who cannot be saved. Then I heard the word “perdition” then the holy spirit started ministering to me.
Words of the holy spirit

Perdition is a state no man can come from. It is the blaspheming of the power of the holy spirit. It comes when a man who has seen and received the truth of the word of God, but still decides to go back to the world. Man is given a choice. When man receives my spirit for the first time, he is given a choice to follow in that light or to continue in darkness. While men slept, the enemy showed tares amongst the wheat. Children, can you discern what that word means. It means according to what you saw in your dream subomi. While you were sleeping, the enemy planted a seed in your brother’s heart to wreak havoc. When a man receives salvation at first, he is said to be asleep, but eventually he must wake up, so that the tares do not germinate and choke the wheats. This is why after deliverance, such a person must spend time with me in the spirit and he must continue to build spiritual resilience in me to fortify himself, so that he doesn’t go back into the darkness. Even if he stumbles in sin, he will still be protected by the light. However, if such a man decides willingly with his full chest, to go back into the darkness. Then what happened to your computer in that dream will be the result. The total corruption of that person and it will be complete and the latter of that person will be worse than the former. Perdition seals your fate. You blaspheme the holy spirit when you go back into the darkness after seeing the light. Children let us go to Romans 1:21-23. What do you see. When someone receives my light and he is delivered but not only that, if he receives my testimony, my light but they decided not to follow me, to accept me and to walk in holiness, what is the result. Now let us go to chapter 24. What does it say? It says, that I YAH gave them up to a complete reprobate mind. I let them stay in the dark because they love the dark, not willing that I save them from the dark. The deeper they go into darkness, the more they go into perdition. They will have twisted and wicked desires. Doing the very thing that I hate and they conform to the image of their father satan who is a lesser being.
Children hear this. Anyone who blaspheme the holy spirit, or take the mark of the beast, or worships the beast, or engages in transhumanism, cross gene experimentation and genetic modification, will go into perdition and be destroyed. My words are final. My words are complete. Anyone who alters their genetic makeup and allows satan to create a backdoor to their DNA, my spirit will be removed from such a person. To before warned is to before harmed. It is final. A dead end and whoever allows it will never enter the kingdom of heaven. His soul will be eternally damned. The holy spirit.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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